Windows XP


Windows XP.


Windows XP is one of the most usable operating system and one of the most successful operating system of Microsoft.  Windows XP Professional offers many new and more effective features and technologies. Remote Desktop allows you to access your windows session from another computer, just as if you were in front of your computer. Windows XP is known for its improved stability and efficiency over the 9x versions of Microsoft Windows. It presents a significantly redesigned graphical user interface, a change Microsoft promoted as more user-friendly than previous versions of Windows.


The two major editions are Windows XP Home Edition, designed for home users, and Windows XP Professional, designed for business and power-users. These releases were made available at retail outlets that sell computer software, and were pre-installed on computers sold by major computer manufacturers. As of mid-2008, both editions continue to be sold. A third edition, called Windows XP Media Center Edition was introduced in 2002 and was updated every year until 2006 to incorporate new digital media, broadcast television and Media Center Extender capabilities. Unlike the Home and Professional edition, it was never made available for retail purchase, and was typically either sold through OEM channels, or was pre-installed on computers that were typically marketed as "media center PCs".


Windows XP analyzes the performance impact of visual effects and uses this to determine whether to enable them, so as to prevent the new functionality from consuming excessive additional processing overhead. Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) build 5512 was released to manufacturing on April 21, 2008 and to the public via both the Microsoft Download Center and Windows Update on May 6, 2008.


It will be automatically pushed out to Automatic Update users around June-July 2008. A feature set overview which details new features available separately as standalone updates to Windows XP, as well as backported features from Windows Vista has been posted by Microsoft. A total of 1,174 fixes have been included in SP3. Service Pack 3 can be installed on systems with Internet Explorer versions 6 or 7, and Windows Media Player versions 9 and above. Internet Explorer 7 is not included as part of SP3.


The current release of Service Pack 3 is only for the 32-bit version of the operating system and not for the 64-bit version.


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