Apps and Software

Here are some recommended apps for your Note 10.1.  Got one to share?  Leave a comment!

Note: Those that require root access are denoted with a (*).

Note 10.1/SPen Specific Apps
(These are apps that either have specific support for SPen or Samsung devices.)
  • Note Buddy 
    If you don't use TouchWiz launcher, this gives you some functionality back.
  • Word Search 
    A fun word search game with built in SPen support
  • SPen Board Switcher (*)
    Changes your keyboard when you insert or remove your SPen (use with something like MyScript Stylus)
  • MyScript Stylus
    Incredible handwriting recognition "keyboard".  Works in all apps.  Truly amazing.
Tablet Specific Apps
(These are apps that are optimized for tablets or that are especially useful for Note 10.1.)