Tour Application Info

2018 New Old Time Chautauqua Summer Tour

The deadline for applications is Feb. 21, 2018 (you can apply using this page). 

Tour dates are (tentativelyJune 9 - July 1. Priority will be given first to the needs of the tour and second to the applicant's availability to do the full tour. PLEASE NOTE: this year the Chautauqua Tour takes place BEFORE the Oregon Country Fair. Late applicants will be considered as space is available. 

All applicants will hear back from the Who-Am-Us committee* ( by March 15, 2018. 

The New Old Time Chautauqua Board of Directors is currently working to develop guidelines and policies pertaining to various aspects of Chautauqua life. These will include policies on weapons, tour drop-ins, sexual harassment, and others. The Board is also creating a release of liability form. If you are accepted for the 2018 Washington State Parks tour, or if you are waitlisted, you will receive a copy of all of these policies. You will be asked to acknowledge receipt and sign an agreement to adhere to the policies. You will also be asked to sign the release of liability form.

The New Old Time Chautauqua runs on the passion of its volunteers. We look forward to meeting you through this application. 

Please share this application with others who might be interested )

Please take the time to read the "Guide to Going on Chautauqua." It will give you an idea of what it is like to be on tour, and suggest ways you will be able to contribute.

Everyone wishing to go on tour needs to fill out their own application. If you have people you are hoping to travel with (performing partners, sweeties, children, parents, etc.) please mention that in the Other Details section of the application form.

Parents: if you are intending to bring your kids with you on tour, please list them as part of your application. Please ALSO have them fill out their own application(s) (or fill one out for them).

Performer music: if you are a performer who does your act to music, you should know that Chautauqua strongly encourages using live music, from the Chautauqua band or other performers, as opposed to using recorded music. You will have plenty of time to contact the band director to work out live music to perform to.

The term "Buckstopper" is used to refer to a person in charge of a task on tour (as in "The Buck stops here"). A Buckstopper does not necessarily have to Do the work, they just have to make sure that Someone does it - they are in charge of making sure the work gets done. See also the Buckstop Bible.

Thanks. Feel free to share this application on to others. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

* The “Who-AmUs” Committee is the group that has to figure out who's going on tour and how we're going to fill all the hats that need filling with a limited number of heads. Contact the Who-Am_Us at .

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