Over the years I posted over 100 blog articles and thousands of words about the subject of real money trading (RMT) and associated issues in massively multi-player role playing games (MMORPG). While the science fiction sandbox EVE Online is the game about which I most often blog, my writing covers general theories about RMT as well as events affecting other on-line video games. As I prepared for Fanfest in April 2016, I discovered that searching The Nosy Gamer for information on RMT is rather awkward, even knowing that the content existed. 

I created this Google site as a resource for those interested, like me, in the subject of real money trading. The content initially will consist mostly of posts taken from the blog. As I add content to the site I will update the links I find broken. Over the course of time I intend to update some of the articles in order to keep up with events. Hopefully visitors will find the site useful.