A child of New Zealand in the 1960s and '70s, the world as I knew it is barely recognisable these days; so much has changed.  Was the world really a "safer" place or is that just fanciful thinking?  What was science fiction to us back then has turned into reality.  I can only fantasize about what the world will be like years down the track for my children and their children.

So I decided to record my memories, before I forget completely!  I'm sure there are things I wasn't aware of when I was growing up, or things I have forgotten.  If you have any recollections you'd like to share, please do make contact.  It doesn't matter whether it's just a few words or a transcript, I'd love to read them.

The entries won't be edited, except for exclusion of what I deem to be sensitive or personal information.  I am not responsible for any incorrect information; these are people's memories after all.  I will publish them on this site and if you'd like people to be able to contact you, I can put a link to your email (or you can remain anonymous).

I'm also a history buff, so any New Zealand sites about our history that you come across, please do consider sharing them.

This site is a work in progress.