Betsy Smith: The Time for Truth has Arrived

posted Apr 30, 2012, 2:10 AM by Michael S. Heath   [ updated Apr 30, 2012, 2:27 AM ]


Mike Heath & Dallas Henry
                     Paul Madore talking truth
               with USMC Sergeant Sean Heath
-- Realizing there is not time to wait for the launch of the No Special Rights PAC on June 9th Paul Madore today issued the first debate challenge of the so-called "marriage" debate.  Radical homosexual activists, led by Betsy Smith of "Equality Maine," persuaded over 100,000 innocent Maine citizens to sign petitions indicating they wanted another vote on sodomy based marriage.  These people thought they were proving their willingness to "live and let live" by signing the petitions.  They had no idea they were being asked to endorse sodomy.

"It's unbelievable really,"  said Paul Madore, co-chairman of the No Special Rights PAC.  "It's not that Maine people are gullible.  They are kind-hearted people.  Politicians and institutional leaders have failed us on this issue.  They won't tell the truth."

Mike Heath, Madore's friend and co-chair of the PAC, agrees, "These people must be stopped.  The indoctrination of Maine's children in the public schools to tolerate sexual promiscuity in themselves and others is beyond evil.  It is sick and insane."

Betsy Smith and her colleagues are the architects of forced genderless education of Maine youth.  They believe that Maine's government should protect adults who force their impressionable son to act the part of a girl and use elementary school bathrooms designed for the opposite gender.  Smith used Maine's government to force the Christian families of Orono to accept this a few years ago.  It's beyond belief, and nobody is talking about it.

Madore promised to end the silence.  Today he issued the first debate challenge of the campaign to Betsy Smith.

Madore said, "They must be forced to explain themselves.  We want to do that in a debate.  They need to tell the people of Maine why Maine needs to grant the benefits of civil marriage to sodomy based relationships.  Sodomy is the opposite of marriage.  It destroys marriage.  I can't wait to hear the answer."

Let the debate begin.


Dan West signs on as Treasurer

posted Apr 26, 2012, 4:25 AM by Michael S. Heath   [ updated Apr 26, 2012, 4:26 AM ]

Lewiston -- Paul Madore, co-chair of the No Special Rights PAC, announced today that retired National Guardsman Dan West has agreed to serve as Treasurer.

"I'm thrilled Dan is joining the team,"  said the indefatigable Lewiston native Paul Madore.  "Dan is one of our experienced ground troops.  He's been out on the streets in the past gathering signatures.  More important for this job though is his experience with administration and accounting."

The No Special Rights PAC is raising funds to fight the sodomy lobby's latest effort to promote their death-style in the pine tree state.  Mike Heath is co-chair of the PAC.

Heath said he's known Dan for over thirty years.  He remembers ministering alongside Dan in an evangelical youth group.  Heath founded "Youth Christian Outreach" back when he was 19 years old.  

Heath welcomed Dan and his wife to the team.

Dan acknowledged the difficulty of the battle ahead.  He and his wife prayed about the opportunity.  They both feel strongly that they must step up and accept this responsibility.  Dan knows the people of Maine will overwhelmingly reject sodomy based marriage in November.

Heath and Madore Respond to Exclusive Claim to Leadership by Pro Family Groups

posted Apr 24, 2012, 4:08 AM by Michael S. Heath   [ updated Apr 24, 2012, 9:36 AM ]

Mike Heath and Paul Madore
    Mike Heath & Paul Madore in 1998 Leading Maine's first
                              Peoples Veto of Special Rights
Lewiston -- Mike Heath and Paul Madore are concerned about a new political action committee called "Protect Marriage Maine."  An article published on a blog called "Catholic Maine" indicates the PAC was announced on April 23, 2012 and formed on April 20th.  The article reports that the Protect Marriage Maine PAC will "lead the campaign" against sodomy based "marriage."

"They're a little late,"  said Paul Madore, co-chair of the No Special Rights PAC.  "We got started years ago and haven't heard boo from them."

The executive director of the Christian Civic League of Maine, Carroll Conley, promised to organize a "broad and deep campaign across the state of Maine."  Pastor Bob Emrich, the Chairman of the Protect Marriage Maine PAC promised to work with Muslims.

Mike Heath couldn't help but observe the irony in Emrich's promise to organize the "entire community of faith."  In 2009 he refused to work with Heath claiming that Heath couldn't be trusted.  Heath was then the leader of the Christian Civic League of Maine.

"He'll work with Maine's Muslims but not with us?"  said Heath.  "While we are eager to work with anyone who will fight sodomy based 'marriage' -- including Muslims -- we wonder why Reverend Emrich willfully excludes us."

Heath and Madore are not surprised by this power grab by the monied interests in the pro family movement.  They expected it, and will not allow it to deter them in their effort to win this campaign.


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