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Lhythm, the music action game!

posted Jan 30, 2010, 10:24 AM by Dirk de la Hunt


Lhythm is a work in progress of a clone of the current spate of music games out there, born out of the frustration gained from watching loading screens, and a curiousity of the technologies involved.
Right now, it's heavily focussed on the drums aspect, but that's only because right now I'm buzzing about drums.

Lhythm is being written from scratch in C++, with as minimal help from 3rd party libraries as possible, just because I like being difficult learning (and to reduce dependencies).
Right now I've learnt the MIDI file format, and how MIDI events work in general, how to stream and mix sounds, how much I suck at maths, the works!

However, some libraries I am using for convenience:
Tremor OGG library

FoFiX does a much better and prettier job right now, and probably always will, but it does however demand quite a modern PC (my 3rd world laptop chokes, and the AppleTV juuust about runs it OK).

But if I'm making this, I might as well share it, right?