Using Fragment2 Commands - UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Fragment2 is a command that draws from the 2d Symbol window. With 16 layers you can have any combination of elements shown or hidden based on their layer. This is very useful for creating a collection of complex multiple 2d objects, without complicated or burdensome scripts.

I have used this to create a few objects for large portions of Simpson Strongtie catalog as well as Fry Reglet and other 2d detailing objects.

There are some flaws with the Fragment2 command. It can be slower functioning than a 2d script, and therefore I use it exclusively for 2d only objects. You also loose the ability to "stretch" the object when you combine multiple Fragments. This is not an issue if you are using it for manufacturer specific objects. Lastly, the parameters (line type, fill type and pen type) are no longer editable, so if your template changes or attributes get reorganized, you may end up seeing the wrong fill type in your detail. If all this didn't scare you away, here is what you do...

!Coming Soon