Symbol Above/Below Home Story

It is often helpful to have a single object, visible on multiple stories with different view options on each story. An example would be stairs and stair parts that may need to show as simple dashed below home story, with a cut line or standard symbol on home story and as uncut when viewed from the story above home story.

This can be done with a simple GLOBAL script command that calls to sub parts (GOSUB).

Up until now I have been using a chair object. For this I will develop a simple newel post to explore this GLOBAL parameter.

The IF/THEN statement for above/on/below home story should read something like this:




This should be the first three lines of the 2d script, and would require an individual script for each view. This is similar to the Multiple View Types lesson, where each script is pasted into sub categories.

Since this is a global setting, it is not controlled by the elements parameters, which means we do not need to add any parameter settings or scripts to make the script change based on home story.

Step 1: Create the 3d model & plan symbol components for 3d view, plan view at home story and plan view for above/below home story. Save as separate objects with identical relationship to project 0,0,0.

FIG. 6.1 Model & Drafting Elements to be Saved as Objects

        Step 2: Copy & paste the script above into the top of the 2d script window

FIG. 6.2 2d Script for Subscript Calls

Step 3: Setup the subscript categories by including 100:, 200: and 300: lines. Add an extra line then type END. Again, I encourage adding dividers to the script. Copy/Paste the scripts into the correct sub sections & test the script. Some attributes may need to be adjusted so that each subcategory is using the correct pen for fills & lines. Use the “plan” thumbnail preview in the upper left corner of the GDL window to check plan view appearance.

FIG. 6.3 Subscript Categories/Sections

Step 4: Save the object, set it to view on all stories then check the plan symbol on, below and above its home story.

FIG. 6.4a Set the Object Selection Settings Floor Plan Display to “All Stories”


FIG. 6.4b Plan View Below Home


FIG. 6.4c Plan View at Home

FIG 6.4d Plan View Above Home