Modeling Relative to Project 0,0,0

This guide makes several reference to 0,0,0 or the X, Y, Z coordinates of the model environment. In this mini essay, I want to reiterate the importance of this when saving elements to GDL for further modification. You can technically save a group of elements to GDL from any arbitrary position relative to the project/user origins (0,0,0), but attempting to edit scripts, and especially align 2d & 3d scripts becomes nearly impossible.

I have a dedicated file for creating, developing and testing GDL objects on my BIM Server. This is a duplicate of the template. This is important so that if I have any embedded or hidden attributes, they work with my default template attributes and environment.

This GDL Laboratory works as a blank slate for creating objects without the clutter of working in a project file. I model all elements near or at the floor plan 0,0. Then locating them with the base (or center) at the 0’ to project 0, allows objects to be saved with a consistent relationship to a known coordinate.

My normal workflow involves modeling or drafting the object out, then moving it to the correct location relative to 0,0,0, then saving the object. When I need to move it aside to save a new object or new component of the object (ie. plan symbol), I move it a set distance and direction from 0,0, so that I can move it back into place if I need to re-save for some reason.