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Teachers typically like the military school model, i.e. dressing soldiers in uniforms, making them blindly follow commands, drilling them with rote learning and filling as much of their time up with unnecessary routines such as repetitive exercises, tests, ranking, parades, flag-raising and pledges. This suppresses if not kills individuality and creativity, it teaches the wrong values and in many respects prevents students to take initiative, it prevents students to use and develop their imagination, to develop good social, entrepreneurial and communication skills, and to develop all their individual talents and their personality to their full potential. Instead, it creates mindless robots that cannot  function  adequately in tomorrow's world. It's harmful in so many respects and the scale of the problem is beyond the grasp of most people.  It creates bad mentality in so many respects, all these silly routines, testing and ranking encourage students to cheat, to fake and to stop thinking for themselves, it sets up one student against each other and encourages students to betray their fellow-students over the most silly issues and to bully and out those who don't walk in line with this nightmare.
School uniforms are part of the puzzle, it may be just a little piece of the wider picture, but it's indicative of how much a particular school is wrong in this regard. There once was a time when manufacturers of tobacco denied that their producst were doing any harm. Since they had huge financial intersts in continuing to sell tobacco, they were keen to sponsor stories that supported their position. While manufacturers of uniforms may seem like a small industry, it is part of a wider education industry that feeds on school discipline and includes teachers, people who build and maintain schools, administrators, writers and publishers of school books, tutors and training institutes, etc.
Education receives billions in taxpayers money. By contrast, homeschooling families who do an excellent job educating their children do not get any money, worse, they have to pay taxes like anyone else, without being able to make deductions or get rebates for homeschooling. Their tax money is used to feed an educational bureaucracy that has the gall to threaten them and that seeks to make it hard for homeschoolers to get emplyment, by making all kinds of silly certificates a prerequisite within their own bureaucracy and beyond.  
The worst thing is the outright denial of the above, it plants the seeds of twisting the truth into the minds of students from a very young age. Just like the tobacco industry once acted as if they dind't so anything wrong, the educational establishment bluntly denies the low quality of their education compared to the excellent results achieved by homeschooling. Indeed, this refusal to accept the facts comes from the very people who boast to base their preachings on facts, studies, research and well-articulated positions. This is more than denial, it constitutes a glorification of bad values that permeate the education system and that are symbolized and enforced by school uniforms. [source]