Quick explanation of entspace:

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First there’s a mess of background stuff, being not much more than it is and then boom! Some background stuff lingers, is more resilient and becomes identifiable simple stuff.

The simple stuff mixes up with the background stuff for a while and then boom! Some of the simple and background stuff become special stuff.

The special stuff then interacts with the simple stuff for a while and then boom! The simple stuff gets busy and tips, becoming sensitive stuff.

The sensitive stuff plays with the special stuff for a while and then boom! The special stuff tips and becomes clever stuff.

The clever stuff uses the other stuff for its own benefit and then boom! The sensitive stuff learns clever stuff and becomes wise stuff.

The wise stuff gets all tied up in knots trying to explain how all the other stuff works and relates and changes. Don't be overly concerned with the 'boom', it's just a fleeting moment in entspace denoted by the little blue arrows.

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This diagram is one of many interpretation of Dave Snowden's Cynefin Framework.

It's an example of a Tactical view of systems thinking, without any of the typical language, used in workshops to identify activity and consider how to move from low effort low impact, to low effort high impact. The route is necessarily oblique.


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