Please note: Kathleen Wherley, the owner of this site and Arcadian Kennels, passed away in July of 2015. This site is no longer maintained and the email is no longer active.

Arcadian Kennel Norwich Terriers
Located in South Central Minnesota
Established in 1992
Breeder: Kathleen Wherley

Abby, a.k.a. Ch. Bramble Run Arcadian Gem

Our first Norwich, and the foundation of all that follow.

Last updated 7/25/2013
We breed on a limited basis.  
Please contact us for information about the next planned litter


Why do many people feel that a Norwich is the best dog to have in a family? Simply because for many people, they are. What's to like about them?

*They are small enough to fit on your lap, but large enough to be a real "dog", not a toy.

*Friendly, loving, loyal, and intelligent.

*Alert and energetic, but not hyperactive.

*An all-weather coat which sheds little.

*They are definitely people dogs, and provide great companionship.

OK...so what's the downside to wanting or having a Norwich Terrier?

*They are terriers. As such, they will dig, because this is what they were bred to do.

*They will chase squirrels and rodents.

*They are not reliable off-lead.

*They can be a challenge to train in obedience, because they do not like to be asked to repeat a task over and over again.

*They WILL bark.