About Us

Norwich Movie Makers is an amateur video-making club. It originated in the early 1960’s, when a group of cine enthusiasts got together and formed the Norwich Cine Club. At that time, films were produced mainly on Standard 8 film without live sound.

Since those days, technology has moved on a great deal. Analogue tape cameras have given way to digital, standard definition to high definition, film to tape and now, tape to solid state. But regardless of the technology, they all have the ability to capture moving images and sound, which can be edited to produce an entertaining or informative short film.

 We are a friendly bunch – new members are always welcome, whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced movie maker!

We make films for our own enjoyment with the chance to enter into local, regional and national competitions. Making a film which others appreciate and enjoy can be immensely satisfying.

 "Don’t I need an expensive video camera to join the club?"

No! All that’s needed is an interest in making films. A number of our members don’t own a camcorder. Films can even be made using a mobile phone or a still camera. Also, many members are happy to share equipment to assist with a production, so a lack of equipment needn’t be a bar to creative filmmaking.

Some members choose not to make movies of their own, but like to get involved in group productions. Script writing, planning, acting, lighting, sound recording, camera operation, directing and editing are just some of the roles people can take part in.

(Scene shown is from a film "The Key" by Paul Strutt)

Chroma Key is the ability to put a person into a scene absolutely anywhere, and that includes
Space - if you can get a second image which will be entered by the computer at the editing stage
and takes the place of the green (or blue) screen behind the subject.

Here, Geof is taking an unexpected ride on a motorbike! Why? Well, that's the point of the film! All is revealed as to how poor Geof is seen travelling at a great speed down a country road with no control at all! 
Come along on one of our meetings (see the programme) and meet the star! You might get the chance to see the film, but if not it will eventually be here on our website. It's better on the big screen, though.