"The Key" - by Paul Strutt

A recent production is a drama thriller - with a ghostly twist - called The Key.

The most challenging aspects was to create the required special effects, including artificial fog and 'night for day'.

The original basis for the film came from an idea sent around to various clubs by VideoVibes. The script has been through numerous iterations and reviews, and was scripted in CeltX.

Scene 2 is set in a pub, and to ensure authenticity, we felt it needed to be a real one, as opposed to a sports club bar or similar. The folks at The Pelican in Tacolneston kindly agreed to the use of their premises for the production.

We finally got a break in the windy weather, and were able to get out and film one of the outdoor 'foggy' sequences. The smoke bombs worked quite well, but we all had to work fast to capture the action before the 'fog' dispersed again!

The weather was kind to us again, with almost zero wind one Saturday evening, which allowed us to get some of the 'car in the fog' shots done. Softbox lights, powered by 240V invertors, provided lighting as darkness fell.

The script also called for a classic car with a particular feature. After lots of research and help from the Norwich Classic Vehicle Club, we tracked down a local owner who was willing to loan his car for the 'shoot'.

The music score was composed specially for the film. The composer was found and engaged (press-ganged?) via the music publishing site Soundclick.com. We think it adds another dimension to this film.

You can watch The Key here: Club Productions - examples

Where's the car gone? Slightly over-zealous use of the smoke bombs!!

Peter and Derek testing the Mark 1 Smoke Generator - a contraption built from old drainpipe and a 12V fan!

Peter Holdroyd kindly brought along his jib crane - it reaches the parts other supports just can't!

The badass matt-black classic Triumph Herald
which features in The Key

Creating artificial fog using smoke bombs in a quiet Norfolk country lane!

Out on location near Caistor St Edmund, filming part of the Intro sequence

Setting up a cam on the Fat Gecko mount, ready to take some action shots