Treasure Quest

This production was conceived as an entry for the 5-minute film competition held on 29th Feb 2012, which had the theme "Out and About".

Treasure Quest is a weekly programme which goes out on BBC Radio Norfolk every Sunday morning. It usually features Becky Betts and Ian Forster, who drive around in the radio car trying to find the clues and the treasure, and David Clayton back in the studio, trying, with the help of the listeners, to send them in the right direction. The cryptic clues are set by the Questmaster, who also filters the incoming calls and feeds information to David during the programme.

Having obtained permission to film, the date was set for February 5th, but overnight, the county was blanketed in snow, and for only the second time in the programme's 4-year history, it had to be cancelled!

The 'shoot' was re-arranged for the 19th Feb, and by this time, the snow had all cleared and the sun was shining from a clear blue sky.

We followed the TQ team to their starting point at Gorleston and filmed them as they tried to figure out where they needed to go next.

Filming throughout the external shoot was achived using an HD camera mounted on a U-Fly-Cam steadymount. Becky wore a radio mic for us and the receiver and mixer were strapped to the mount. The rig was assembled in this way as we knew we would have to be able to react quickly and quite possibly, run after the Questers! The rig worked well under quite difficult conditions. Most of the time, we were able to get a good signal between the radio car and the chase vehicle, even while moving.

Back at the studio in Norwich, we had arranged for two other members to film all the goings-on in both the Studio and the Ops Room, so we could obtain a complete record of the day's events.

The Questmaster had set a particularly difficult clue, so it was quite a while later that the team decided to set off to Blundestone, just over the Suffolk border.
We received a warm welcome from the 'Clue Holders', who brought out a basketful of delicious, warm sausage rolls for us all to enjoy.

The team immediately set about deciphering the next clue. All the evidence pointed to going to Reedham, which would have been a costly mistake, as, at the last moment, a clever listener realised the next location was at the Three Ways Meeting Point, opposite Great Yarmouth railway station. She was right and the team found Clue 3 attached to the sign.

The next clue took us to Clippesby, where the finding of Clue 4 led us on to Blofield. There we watched a demonstration of the new defibrilator unit, which had just been installed at the sports ground. Having 'resucitated' the 'patient', the team were allowed Clue 5. By this time, the clock was ticking down towards the deadline of 11.55am.

Luckily, 'Navigator Ian' knew where the final location was, and within a few minutes, we arrived at the final destination in Brundall. The steady cam unit proved its worth, as we had to run after Becky and Ian as they made their way down to the lake, located the rowing boat, and with a minute or two to spare, found the treasure!

Throughout the making of this film, BBC Radio Norfolk have given tremendous support and assistance. We are very grateful for all their help. Special thanks go out to Becky and Ian, Paul Hayes and David Clayton. We had a great day - it was a lot of fun and a not-to-be forgotten experience!

Cameras were operated by Paul Watson, Richard Willett, Terry Burchell and Paul Strutt. The chase car was expertly driven by Jane, who returned it unscathed!

After spending the morning filming, Terry and Paul were invited in to the studio to be interviewed on Treasure Quest Extra Time - a follow-up programme hosted by Paul Hayes. You can listen to the broadcast here: