A Bad Day at the Office

A Bad Day at the Office by Roger Cavallaro & Terence Burchell received a 4-star award at BIAFF 2009, "Very Highly Commended" at the Guernsey Lily 2009, Silver Diploma at the Cotswold Festival 2008, won the Leslie Gillham Trophy from North Thames IAC Region and more.

A short drama production where a misunderstanding leads to murder.

The inspiration for the film was an inter-club competition theme "The Wrong Number". Terry researched on the web, various happenings where a wrong number had unusual results. The final story is based on what he read on various sites.

The film was practically zero-budget. A few pounds were spent on props but no one was paid and no special equipment was bought - the film was created from the passion of the contributors.

Working as a team went very well for the vast majority of the time. Our view was that the thing to do is to be sure everyone knows what is happening and what part they are to play, not just the actors but the crew as well. When it does go wrong, it is difficult not to get angry and lose control of the situation. Fortunately this did not happen often; most of the time we thoroughly enjoyed the whole event.

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