UK Hoop Talent
There is a growing range of hooping talent around the country so this is a just a small selection of hoopers who really stand-out and can inspire the rest of us on our journey.

Sharna Rose

Sharna Rose (Innerspin), based in Kent, has been hooping since 2006 and is entirely self-taught. Her style is quite unique and she embodies a continuous creativity in the way she flows which is amazing to behold. She has now been nominated 3 times as female hooper of the year in the annual hoopie awards. Sharna both teaches and performs and has TV appearances to her credit!


Bee Varga

Bee Varga (Dancing Star) hails from Hungary and is now based in Basingstoke. She found that hooping helped her to lose weight and gain confidence. She very quickly became a very accomplished hooper and now teaches and performs.

The Pantaloonies

The Pantaloonies are Emily and Hobbit from Bristol. Their act combines multi-hooping with acrobalance and comedy and was the winner of the Performance Group of the year award for 2010 in the annual Hoopies.

Craig "Hula Boy" Reid

Craig Reid (Hula Boy) is part of the Hoop La La trio that appeared on "Britains Got Talent". He is a talented performer in his own right and learnt his art at the Circus Space.