What is Hooping?
In the last ten years or so Hula Hooping has evolved from a simple pursuit with a child’s toy into a freestyle dance form – Hoop Dance - using adult sized weighted hoops. This has many offshoots and indeed there are numerous ways of moving with a hoop, both on and off the body which are also readily accessible to a beginner. This activity promotes physical and mental well being and can be practiced by all ages.

The hoop scene in the UK is growing fast and becoming established in towns and cities around the country. 2009 saw the first ever UK Hoop Gathering event (thanks to Gems Goddard) which was very popular and looks set to become a regular date in the hooping calender.

Other resources to look at are the Hoop City online community and Hooping.org which presents Hoopie Awards every year for outstanding contributions in a number of categories.

Spirit Hoop Cake has a number of excellent interviews with oustanding hoopers and teachers on her website.

The video below may help to give a bit more of an impression of what hooping is about and how it has evolved.

Hoop Stars: A new look at the hoop dancing community from Morbid Smile Arts on Vimeo