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The LegalShield Legal Plan with the additions of the Trial Defense supplement, the Home-Based Business supplement with GoSmallBiz, and the Identity Theft Shield Plan has improved our lives since we joined in 2007.

In the first 10 months of the month-to-month service, we collected or saved $16,500 in solving our personal and business legal problems.

  • When our oak tree fell in a windy storm, the property insurance company claimed we had a $1,000 deductible policy.  We always had a $250 deductible.  When we complained that there must be a mistake, we made no headway, and announced we would call our attorney.  We called the LegalShield provider attorney firm for our state, and the attorney called the insurance company.  The insurance company called us back and apologized for any misunderstanding and not only reduced the deductible, but completely waived the deductible for the damages caused by the fallen tree.  Be sure to note not all cases are the same. Results may vary.

  • Elaine's former employer had gone bankrupt 4 years earlier, while owing her vacation pay.  The claim of $2,600 was listed in the bankruptcy judgment, but correspondence about the case stopped.  She called our Legal Shield provider attorney firm for our state, and the attorney specialized in bankruptcy had her fax the judgement to him to review.  He called back and advised her that the payment was contingent on a property to be sold and the IRS being paid, and instructed her how to find out at the recorder's office if the land was sold.  We did not understand how to interpret the paper filings recorded for that parcel of land, so we had our attorney review those papers.  He saw that the land had been sold and then told Elaine that she could take action by opening the bankruptcy case again and assured us we would win. 

We did not want to put up the money for this court action, even though it was at the discount rate for LegalShield Members, so we brainstormed with the attorney on how best to talk to the former employer, whom Elaine had had a cordial relationship.  She, after all, had set up the sales department and evolved the company into international prominence.  The attorney instructed Elaine to remind the former employer every couple of sentences that if she is forced to take action that her attorney is certain she will win, and he would be liable not only for the amount owed, but also for the court and attorney costs, as well as interest.  Elaine called the former employer, and followed our attorney's advice, and it worked.  The former employer at first complained about the IRS collecting funds from him, but then promised to send a check that afternoon.  In 2 days Elaine had the check for $2,600 in hand and deposited it immediately into the checking account.  Be sure to note not all cases are the same. Results may vary.

In looking back, we now see how her former employer could have been helped by having a LegalShield Business Plan with timely advice and contract review of  the patent that had just expired.  Instead the avoidance of the legal problem and resulting high patent attorney bills brought the company down, causing 80 people to lose their jobs.

  • When we enrolled in  Identity Theft Shield through LegalShield we received a credit report that would serve as our baseline.  However, Ken discovered a credit card balance of $5,950 that did not belong on his credit report.  He reported the dispute to a licensed investigator with Kroll Background America, that created and services the Identity Theft Shield.  The investigator told him that the the credit reporting agency would send us a amended report within 40 days.  On day 40 the report came with the disputed credit card balance removed.  Be sure to note not all cases are the same. Results may vary.

  • A thief tried to charge $500 and then $400 to a department store credit card that was still unactivated.  The store called to verify the transaction which alerted us before a charge could be made.  We called Kroll, our Identity Theft Shield provider, and reported this to the licensed investigator in a 5-minute conversation.  He put a 90-day alert on all 3 credit reporting agencies and did checks on the many national databases to make sure the thief was not spreading the harm.  We received no extra charges and did not have to put in the time to contact and file reports with the agencies or numerous databases.  Be sure to note not all cases are the same. Results may vary.

  • A client of our consulting business refused to pay the balance of the invoiced services we had provided, wanting instead to turn the balance into equity in his company.  We were not agreeable to this kind of restitution, since the client had proven to be a poor businessman.   We learned from using the services of our GoSmallBiz supplement to the Home-Based Business at website about the 3-collection letter system with stepped up urgency to pursue the payment,   After receiving no reply after sending two letters of collection, for the third letter, we called our provider attorney firm.  The attorney consulted with us and after we faxed our statement of facts, she wrote a collection letter on the attorney firm letterhead (with the top one-third of the first page listing the law partners), and mailed it to our client.  This finally drew the attention of the client, who made a lame proposal that we could refuse.  We called our attorney and, since we did not feel the investment in a regular civil action was sound given the client's financial situation, she advised us in  the steps to take the matter to the small claims court in our county.  Because of the assistance of the attorney, we felt no stress in preparing for or participating in the trial.  We eventually received a judment of $6,600 in our favor.  The client has been faithful in paying the installment payments to satisfy the court judgment.  Be sure to note not all cases are the same. Results may vary.

  • In our business solutions consulting business, Ken often uses as a member to ask questions via email to professionals specialized in business matters.  His last question was on depreciation of certain fixed assets. Within 36 hours, the professional consultant replied via email the answer to the question, complete with reference links for more detailed discussion.  He could have spent time to find this information himself, but instead, he let professionals give him the advice, while he spent his time completing business projects.
Our pet chorky Rosey was saved with LegalShield
  •     In 2012 our pet chorky Rosey was saved from being exterminated through legal consultations and a letter from our provider attorney law firm.   You know how we love our pets!  Sometimes they can get into legal trouble, too. 

Disclaimer: Be sure to note not all cases are the same. Results may vary.

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After using the
LegalShield Family LIfe Events Legal plan with Home-Based Business rider, we became independent associates to offer the plans to our consulting clients, family and friends. 

 We personally provide start up guidance for the services to members enrolling through us, and  LegalShield Customer Care ensures rapid, respectful and proficient attention to your concerns.

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