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Don't replace your rusting metal roof! No matter how old it is.. Save it and seal it with asphalt metal roof coating.
Don't paint it with so called "rust proof paint" that will only peel off and make it worse.

  • Coat it and seal the moisture out of the rust with penetrating asphalt silver brite or black asphalt roof coating applied under liquid pressure directly to the metal.

  Liquid asphalt roof coating also works on any asphalt roof product such as: asphalt roof shingles and asphalt roofing roll paper

  • All work is priced in full in advance. We don't work by the hour plus material, the entire price is given before the job begins and when the job is completed if the price is even one dollar different, your job is free of charge.
                 BEFORE                3 HOURS LATER

       We also offer a different product, one hundred percent asphalt driveway sealer, no water included.  This is not the sealer you buy in Lowes or Home depot or your local hardware, that is water based sealer, "70% water 30% coal tar product". We only use pure asphalt driveway sealer, the same thing the driveway is made of, melted down to liquid form with waterproof silicone added to keep out the weather, "water , rain, snow, ect."

  • With all material applied at two gallons per minute and 350 pounds of pressure (psi) we don't have the extra labor charge that others do, Making the price of the entire job quite a lot cheaper then you might think.

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