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 Welcome to the beautiful Northwood's in Onieda County in  Rhinelander, Wisconsin.
  We have a saying that we always have a great day flying or  building airplanes.
 Northwood's RC Flyers and Northwood's RC Pilots Club ( web site ) objectives are to promote the building and flying of model aircraft which includes airplanes,gliders,amphibious aircraft, sail planes, multi-engine aircraft, helicopters,and basically anything which produces lift. This activity being widely recognized as a healthy and constructive recreational activity of persons of all ages.
 All of our Club members are also members of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (A.M.A.) which is a national organized group of Fliers and Builders of all types of aircraft  The A.M.A. provides insurance, competitive flying events,and governs chartered clubs. Northwood's RC Flyer's Club are charter # 3220. NORTHWOODS RC FLYERS ARE REGISTERED WITH THE F.A.A. AND IT IS A REQUIREMENT TO FLY AT OUR FIELD.
 Our emphasis is on SAFETY for all our members, neighbors, and spectators when we are at the field. We have no-fly zones and rules posted on our frequency board at the field, please remember to read these and keep them in mind, also the A.M.A. Safety Rules.

 We welcome all, to come out to Forest Lane and watch us fly. Person's interested in flying and have any question's, we will help you. We have instructor pilots who will teach you how to fly. We  have trainer aircraft for you to use to fly if interested. Its never too late to learn. Our club's flying days are Tuesdays and Thursdays weather permitting.