February - April 2018

This is a somewhat shortened version of the Newsletter as we include a separate AGM document as well (Agenda, Reports and 2017 Minutes etc.) for the AGM on 14 March 2018.
You will find a ‘tear-out’ nomination form for the Officers and Committee at the back of the document.
Best wishes for 2018 !
Frances Alexander, Sue Taylor


Here’s hoping we all had a good Christmas and New Year. This time of the year always seems to be a time for reflection on Christmases past and I suppose it is in the nature of members of the U3A that we have a goodly number of Christmases past! Many thanks to those members who organised events over the period; I’ll mention Tony and Wendy Reeves, who organised the excellent Luncheon Club Christmas Lunch (open to all) at the Bowls Club. Alas, I had the dreaded lurgy and missed out! 
Again, many thanks to Group Leaders, the driving force of our U3A.
We had two excellent recent monthly meetings. November was a talk on ‘Gilbert and Sullivan’ by Bernard Lockett. G&S came from vastly different
backgrounds; one a wealthy barrister, the other a musical prodigy from a poor Irish family. Each opera made an anti-establishment comment about
some topic - the ‘Spitting Images’ of their time! In December Stephen Wells gave a talk on the ‘Magic Circle’, formed in 1905; he is a member. His talk was interspersed with demonstrations and magic tricks that had us all puzzled! A wonderful run-in to Christmas and the New Year.
As you know we have our AGM in March when we elect Officers for the coming year, and we have an urgent need for new committee
members. Lynda Clifford is stepping down as Vice-Chairman, having previously been Chair for three years. Maureen Hinton, our excellent
Membership Secretary, would also like to step down, but would be prepared to continue for another year provided she could have a ‘shadow’
who would take over the following year, and there is a strong possibility that Geraldine and myself will be re-locating in 2019, meaning that the
roles of Chairman and Treasurer will have to be filled. Although most of the objectives of the U3A (‘Learning for Pleasure’) are achieved within the
groups, they operate within the framework of the North Wilts U3A which itself requires a committee structure to operate; without a committee, the
North Wilts U3A will fold, and the groups with it.
Your U3A really does need You!
David Sperritt, Chairman

Kington Langley Walking Group
We arrange 2 or 3 walks a month, of 2 – 4 miles, beginning in various places around Chippenham.
We mostly park at a pub in the morning and return there for snacks or lunch.
Now that our U3A no longer has a Walking Group, we would like to welcome any U3A members to join us, although this is not a U3A Group at present. We use mainly rural lanes and footpaths, so appropriate footwear is advisable. If you are interested, please email me on: tomthumb728@gmail.com,
and I will send you the details of the walks for each month.
Sylvia Chumbley .

New Members
We welcome the following new members:
Pete Sluman, Judith Hammond, Elizabeth Mann, Jill Ross, Patricia Cleary-Long, Janice Woodward, Robert Peckham, Henry & Agnes Tegner, Pip Higman, Ivor & Patricia Hawkins, Carole Conyingham-Powers, Olwen Shaw, Geoff Goddard, Mitch and Linda Roberts


Information from Groups

General information about groups is held in the Groups Section. 

The following is a summary of recent achievements or about upcoming events planned by the groups.

Armchair Travel  

 Our members take pictures on holiday which are then transported to our large TV with a commentary.  

Our next ‘venues’:
Feb 5: Athens
March 5: Provence
April 9: Italian Riviera

Board Games  (New Group)
We plan to meet next on February 26th (i.e. 4th Mondays) at 2 pm at my house, but do please phone me first to check! Sue Taylor (see 'Committee' page for contact details.)

Creative Writing
On March 2 we are tackling "No" and on April 6 "The Clock". Do join us!

The History Group are enjoying this year’s topic, ‘The History of Western Europe’. We have covered Kings and Emperors, Migration and Integration,
Exploration and Trade; and next we move on to Return to Classicism, Raphael and Palladio. After that is Religious Conflicts.

Luncheon Club
Our next venues :-
4th March - The Wellesley Arms, Sutton Benger
8th April (avoiding Easter ) - The Black Horse, Cheryl

Music Appreciation
Upcoming topics
Tuesday 6th March: Composers who use larger orchestras.
Tuesday 3rd April: French Music 2.

Opera Appreciation
Next,  I intend to cover Verdi, Bellini and some more Donizetti. Other ideas I have are to introduce particular singers, look at the beginnings of opera and its development up to the 20th Century.

Poetry Appreciation
We will be looking at T. S. Eliot and Ted Hughes in March and April.

Sci and Tech
March 19: Largest aeroplane and A380
April 16: Golden Gate Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge