Groups are run by U3A members, who usually ask for a small contribution towards refreshments and running expenses. 
Group leaders can be contacted via our Group Co-ordinator, Lynda, 01249 812658 or our Secretary, Sue, on 01249 709187

Costs vary from nil or a nominal charge for refreshments to £2+ per session to cover hire of room / hall / expenses etc, where relevant.

ENGLISH HERITAGE: Free group visits are available to English Heritage sites if you book via the English Heritage website and provide your learning objectives. You would not qualify for expert-led visits.

Summary of Groups
 (For a view of upcoming group activities, refer to the 'Reports from Interest Groups' in the latest newsletter)


Day /Week/ Time


Armchair Travel1st Monday 2 pmLeader's Home Our members take pictures on holiday which are then transported to our large TV with a commentary
Art2nd,4th Thursdays 10am Jubilee rooms, Chippenham Members bring their own projects in their own medium – We have oil, gouache, watercolour, pencils, graphite. We don’t have tuition, but help each other. Cost: approx. £7 for 6 sessions, to cover rent of room. Two members entered the recent ‘Radio Times’ postcard competition – but without success!
Ballroom Dancing
Please note that the Ballroom Dancing group is no longer part of the U3A but we are maintaining contact details for the time being.
1st,3rd Tuesdays 2.30pm Kington Langley Village Hall  The group covers modern ballroom, Latin American and some sequence dancing, all of which is danced in strict tempo to quality CDs. Teaching is not available at present; however any level of dancer is welcome to attend, with or without a partner. Average numbers are about 30 and we charge 1.50 a session to cover the hire of the hall.
Beginners’ Latin   Please ring
Board Games 4th Monday in the month, 2.00pm Members' HousesThe Group meets at 2 pm on the 4th Monday of the month. Scrabble, Upwords, Rummikub and Trionimoes  have been played so far. 

 Book Group 4th Friday in the month at 2.00 p.m. Leader's Home NEW GROUP!
BridgeTuesday, weekly, 10.30am Constitutional Club Chippenham We are a mixed ability group spanning 5 decades in age (!), from inexperienced to those who have played for many years. We usually have between 24 and 28 players and aim for a pleasant social morning of basic Acol bridge. Help is given, if asked for. 50p cost.
Calligraphy2nd,4th Tuesdays 9.45am  Jubilee rooms, Chippenham The group ranges from beginners to more experienced.
Common Thread 1st & 3rd Tuesdays  Leader's Home        

The intention is to develop hand embroidery skills, with some mixed media work. There is a wide range of experience within the group, mainly self-taught.
The current leader is in process of relocating away from Chippenham. Please phone the U3A secretary or treasurer for current status.
Creative Writing1st Friday 2.30 pm Members' Home We share, discuss and write poems, and enter for local competitions, e.g., Calne Arts Festival.
Discussion 11st Wednesday, 2.30 pm
 Members' Home We aim for light-hearted topical discussion on events of the day and general local interest, with a tea/coffee break. (50p).
French Conversation 2A2nd,4th Tuesdays 2pm Members' Homes We talk in French about various topics, prepared beforehand. Our grammar is corrected by a retired French teacher. We also listen to French
CDs and talk about our holidays in France.
French Conversation 2B2nd,4th Tuesdays 10am Members' HomesThis group is for people with a knowledge of French, hoping to improve fluency. Our Group has 6 members at the moment (with room for a few more) including a French lady who helps us. 
French 3Every Thursday 10.15am Members' Homes Bonjour. The group takes its material from magazines, which is then translated. A small amount of homework is sometimes set. The aim is to improve our understanding of French and increase our confidence in speaking the language.
German Conversation 3rd Thursday, 2.30 pm Members' Homes We meet in members' houses in Chippenham and Calne. We all have a knowledge of German and hope to improve fluency by conversation. We have a Germanwho comes and helps us by sitting in on the group and pointing us in the right direction!
History 2nd Friday 10.30   Old Vicarage, Chippenham We take turns to research and talk to the group on a variety of topics. We made a start on our new season of histories of towns and cities as chosen by our members
Latin2nd,4th Thursdays 10am Members' Home A small group with varied levels of Latin knowledge, we aim to acquire or revise basic Latin grammar with minimum anxiety, not too much learning-by rote and quite a lot of laughs!
Luncheon Club1st Sunday. 12.30 for 1.00 pm Various venues We go out for Sunday Lunch at various Pups and Eating Houses in the area.

 MahjongEvery Wednesday afternoon at 2.00pm, Members' housesWe are a small group which includes novices as well as more experienced players. Unfortunately we are limited to 4/5 players each week with players taking it in turns to "sit out". 
There is also a beginners group which meets on a Monday evening at my home address. Please contact  01249 323819 for more information
Music Appreciation1st Tuesday 10.30am Old Vicarage, Chippenham There is always the opportunity for members to play music of their own choice, but I normally present a programme of light classical music
Opera Appreciation 3rd Thursday in the month, 2.00 p.m. Member’s homeListen to and discuss music.
Play reading1st,3rd Friday 2pm Leader's Home We meet to read aloud, rather than act out, scripts of lightweight murders and comedies borrowed from the local library. Different plays are provided every couple of sessions. We have room for up to 10 people, so phone to check there is space for you! Cost £1 for hire of plays
Poetry Appreciation2nd Monday 10.30am  Leader's Home We read poems by a wide variety of poets.
Sci- tech3rd Monday 2pm  Leader's Home  We cover all aspects of technology. In the winter we tend to watch DVDs – eg mammoth engineering projects. In the summer we aim to include visits to local enterprises and museums which are most enjoyable.
ScrabbleSee 'Board Games' above
 Stitchcraft 2nd, 4th Wednesdays 10am Members' Homes We work on projects and discuss ideas including some that the group leader brings from another creative class she attends.  Members are always welcome to continue with their own projects instead. 50p charge
Table Tennis1st,3rd Wednesdays 11amStanley Park Sports Ground, Chippenham Ours is a non-league social group which just enjoys playing table tennis at various levels (winning still enjoyed!) We have three tables and mainly play doubles which can cause much hilarity and further exercise. Coaching is available. New members would always be welcome. Cost £2 to cover hire of room.
Upwords2nd Monday 10am   Leader's Home We are keen players, but do allow the use of Scrabble dictionaries and 2 / 3 letter word lists for checking ideas! Cost 50p
Upwords at Neston2nd, 4th Tuesdays 2pm   Leader's Home We are keen players, but do allow the use of Scrabble dictionaries and 2 / 3 letter word lists for checking ideas! Cost 20p