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17. Weatherwatch Park


• Beach Dr SW at SW Carroll St, (West) Seattle; vertical dial on concrete pillar

Artist: Lezlie Jane
Dimensions: 5 inch (8 cm) gnomon and 13 x18 inch (33 x 46 cm) rectangular dial plate
Materials: painted enamel panel (~12 inch (30 cm) square) mounted on south side of a concrete pillar; bronze gnomon

47°34´02.8˝ N     122°24´34.6˝ W  [but dial says “47°35´ N and 122°20´ W]

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    This dial is within a pocket park full of art on the shore of Puget Sound that has a theme of local history and the natural setting (weather vane, sundial). A century ago this site was a ferry dock for the famous Puget Sound “mosquito fleet.”

Below the dial:

    “Time is too slow for those who want. Too swift for those who fear. Too long for those who grieve. Too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love time is eternity.”

Last seen: 1996 (gnomon was badly bent)