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09. North Seattle Community College


~300 meters (~1000 ft) E of College Way N on north side of N 95th St and south edge of the College’s main building’s central plaza; ~90 meters (~300 ft) E of the cafeteria; in a small garden

Daryl Smith

Equatorial dial
Dimensions: ~24 inch (~60 cm) diameter
Materials: bronze on concrete plinth
Accuracy: ~2-3 minutes

47°41´53.3˝ N     122°19´58.1˝ W

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This elegant, accurate dial has a slit in its gnomon that can be rotated to face the sun, allowing a line of sunlight to fall on the hourline band in the center of the broader shadow. The dial is a memorial to George Lewis, who was the founder of the College’s Horology Department, now succeeded by the Watch Technology Institute.

    Meridian Ave N, although interrupted by the college campus, happens to pass just west of this dial. This street’s name comes from the fact that it lies on a basic reference line chosen by the original surveyors of the city – at a longitude of exactly 122°20.00´ W.