Seattle Sundials

    Within the boundaries of Seattle are the 20 sundials described here. The oldest is from 1909 and the latest from 2006. Thirteen of the dials challenge the viewer by being "nonstandard," not just another standard (boring) horizontal type with a gnomon pointing to the north celestial pole.

        The numbers in the listing below correspond to a Google Map called "Seattle Sundials," and each listed dial is linked to this map. The dials are also  color-coded into three groups. Blue dials are deemed to have the most interest; if you have more time, visit the red ones, too. Yellow dials are more conventional. Coming soon will be suggested "sundial trails" that can be taken in two hours, an afternoon, or a full day.
Enjoy! And please send feedback (and info on missed dials) to: woody [AT] astro dot washington dot edu.

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