Northwest Library Services Board Meeting

Board Meeting
June 28, 2011




Location:      Sioux City Public Library      Time:  9:30AM NOTE CHANGE OF START TIME

                   First Floor Gleeson Room                       

529 Pierce Street (712-255-2939 NWILS office number)  

                        Sioux City, IA.    



I.            Call to Order

II.          Agenda Approval

III.     Minutes Approval of 5-24-2011

IV.       Bill Approval

A.    Checks Dispersed 5-31-2011 / 6-15-2011 / 6-30-2011              

V.       Public Comment       

VI.      Correspondence

VII.     Unfinished Business

A.    Support Service Reorganization / Legislation

1.     Report From Mary Wegner

2.     Transition Activity-to-Date Northwest LSA

B.    Unresolved Transition Issues

1.     Office Space—Sioux City PL and Other Locations

2.     Health Insurance

3.     Employment & Service to Libraries After July 1st

VIII.   New Business

A.    Naming Banking Institution

B.    Naming Auditing Firm

C.    NWILS Budget Development FY2011-—2012

                                    1.  Review Current Budget Line Items

                                    2.  Review Year-End Projections

                                    3.  Service Contract with SCPL

                                    4.  Salary Discussion

                                    5.  Administrator Employment Contract

                                    6.  Provisional Bridge Contracts

                                    7.  Adopt New Operating Budget for FY2011—2012  

D.   Upcoming in Des Moines

E.   Calendar Highlights: New Director Orientations / Visits (Cleghorn)  Local Board Presentations (Early—hiring process for new director) NWILS Staff & SPC Projects (Laurens and Cherokee—WILBOR presentations for the public) Additional Meetings / Presentations (Transition Team meeting Sioux City; TICL Conference Storm Lake; NWILS Board meeting Sioux City)    

IX.       Reports:   TICL Conference @ Storm Lake  

X.        Upcoming Meetings:  Board typically does not meet in July;

                     summer/fall meeting dates pending    

XI.       Adjourn