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Listed below are new developments as they come about.  

2008 August 11-Results Posted 

2008 July 29- Scheduled final planning meeting 

2008 July 27- Schedule for event posted on the new Schedule page

2008 July 27- Important Information page heavily bolstered. Go read it again.

2008 July 27- Photos of the terrain added to Important Information. 

2008 July 26- Registration is closed. Start times are up.

2008 May 31- Meeting at  Urban house. Meeting Minutes.

2008 May 22 - Registration is up!

2008 May 11- practice A-meet at Breseman house.

2008 April 20- meeting at Borish house. Meeting Minutes

2008 April 20- Cle Elum Attractions page added. 

2008 March 9- meeting at Urban house. Meeting Minutes.

2008 March- Article appears in ONA. 

2008 February 16- Meeting at ISC, TX. Meeting Minutes. 

2008 February 2- Meeting at Fire Mt Meet. Meeting Minutes.

2008 January 2- Meeting at Kuestner house. Meeting Minutes.

2007 November 24- Meeting at Breseman house. Meeting Minutes.

2007 October 20- Meeting at Whidbey Island camp.  Meeting Minutes. 

2007 September 19- Meeting at Kuestner house. Meeting Minutes.

2007 August 22- Meeting at Breseman House. Meeting Minutes.

2007 July 18- USOF Sanctioning approved! Date: August 2-3 2008. 

2007 June 19- This website discovered on Google search "Northwest Forest Frenzy"

2007 July 17- Article about the Northwest Forest Frenzy appears in ONA.

2007 June 18- Maps changed. Now Cle Elum Ridge both days for its terrain and better map.

2007 June 18- Meeting at Urban house.

2007 June 18- New logo, designed by Patrick Nuss, COC.

2007 June 11- NWFF announced on AttackPoint.

2007 June 4- Meeting at Breseman house. Meeting Minutes

2007 May 14- Peter Golde in charge of land permissions. Catherine Olsson junior liason.

2007 April 30- Matej Urban resigns from Meet Director to better assume his role as Course Designer. Kelsey Breseman assumes full Meet Directing responsibility. Meeting Minutes

2007 April 17-Results Page Added to Website

2007 April 16- Website is up!

2007 April 13- Preliminary approval for meet from Cascade board.

2007 April 12- Kelsey Breseman (COC) and Matej Urban (COC) selected as meet directors.