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Meet Director's Notes
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~The event is to take place on the weekend of August 1-3, 2008.

~Meet format: Friday, August 1 will be a sprint and a Street Scramble. Saturday and Sunday will be a two-day cumulative classic distance A-level meet.

~Start times:

Sprint: Friday, 2-4PM

Street Scramble: 7PM map issue, 7:20 start

Saturday meet:  10-12:30

Sunday meet: 9-11:30

~Maps: Days 1 and 2: Cle Elum Ridge, located in the Cle Elum, WA area (Eastern Washington). A preview map will be available. Photos of the terrain (courtesy of Jana Dvorak) are viewable here.

Map Sample courtesy of Cascade Orienteering Club

~All competitive courses must preregister. 

~Recreational courses will be available for white, yellow, and orange levels, and will register day-of-event only. We will have limited extra maps and supplies for recreational participants.   If you know you are going to have a large group, please email the registrar ahead of time at nwffregistrar AT gmail DOT com. There may, by request, be a map hiker category (non-timed, pay for a map and go at an available start time), depending upon availability of maps and start times, for advanced courses. Beginner instruction will be available, by request, at registration.

~T-Shirts for the event will be $15 each, available in S, M, L, XL, and XXL. They will be short sleeved and will have the NWFF logo printed on them.

~There will be a three-hour time limit on all courses.

~Hazards of the Cle Elum Ridge map include: rattlesnakes (saw a couple of them while setting controls- be careful); ticks; uneven ground in some areas: watch your step!; most courses avoid areas with dangerous cliffs, but if you find them anyway, don’t jump; some of the fences on the map have fallen over and become both less visible and more dangerous- rusty barbed wire camouflages with the ground, so if you’re in the area of a mapped fence, be careful. Probably the most likely danger you will find on the course is overheating and dehydration. Advanced courses will have water on the course. Be sure to hydrate and stay safe!

~There is an option on the registration form for accommodations at Camp Koinonia, which has options for camping or bunks* in cabins (provide your own sleeping bag). You may elect also to receive meals at this camp, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner- and we highly recommend that you order Saturday night dinner, because it will be followed by an ice cream social. The camp will also be the meet headquarters. Be aware that it may be difficult to find lodging elsewhere in town because of a bike tour taking place in the area at the same time as the meet. Please see the Cle Elum Attractions page for more specific information regarding accommodations. For everyone staying at the camp, there will be a map outside the camp office indicating where you will be sleeping.

*registrants requesting bunks in cabins are asked to specify in the "notes" section of the registration with whom they are planning to stay. One option available for juniors (age 13-20) is to stay in the "junior cabin" with many of the staff members. For more information on the junior cabin, email northwestforestfrenzy AT gmail DOT com.

~Camp Koinonia does not allow dogs. Anyone found with a dog may have it confiscated.

~Child care will be available for both Saturday and Sunday. The service will be provided by Girl Scouts, to be paid on site.

~Adult care will also be available for both Saturday and Sunday; Jana Dvorak will have a massage table set up at either the parking or the finish area. Payment is on-site.

~There will be a sprint Friday afternoon at Cle Elum High School (2692 SR 903 Cle Elum, WA 98922) set by Eric Bone, with a beginner and an advanced course. This will be a SportIdent event. Proceeds will be split 50/50 between the Junior and Senior Team funds.

~Later on Friday evening, there will be a Street Scramble (a what?), also set by Eric Bone, starting at the picnic shelter at Cle Elum City Park, on the SE corner of 2nd and Pine, very easily accessible from I-90 Eastbound exit 84 (location). Time limit is one hour. 

~We will be using the SportIdent electronic punching system.

~Because we would like to be able to use this map again, please observe the following rules:

    Don't litter.

    There will be no fires, smoking, gas generators, or anything else that                could set things on fire.

    Use the port-a-potties. They're there for a reason.

    Don't go into the out-of-bounds areas on your map.

~There will be an awards ceremony to follow Sunday's meet.