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Kelsey Breseman - Meet Director

Kelsey is apparently too important to bother with little things like writing a paragraph about herself and her function at this event. That says a lot about her, actually.

Matej Urban - Course Designer

This is Matej. When he is not messily devouring tuna sandwiches, he is designing courses for the Northwest Forest Frenzy. That's right, remember this face. He's the one you want to blame for the 300 meters of climb on the white course. You don't even want to know what he did to blue.


Catherine Olsson - E-Punch Coordinator and Land Permissions 

Catherine's hobbies include looking mischievous while winning at things and coordinating e-punches. That doesn't sound very hard until you remember that you have to win at things before you can look mischievous about it and that the e-punch system is openly hostile.


Anna Urbanova - Start Chief, Sponsorship

Anna likes hugging seals and dancing around trees, among other things. We're not really sure what's wrong with her, but her complete insanity is probably the reason she volunteered to work starts for the NWFF.


Tori Borish - Registrar

There is absolutely nothing funny about this picture. It shows a picture of Tori, who has taken on the arduous task of keeping all of you in line. There's nothing funny about that either.




Holly Kuestner - Accommodations, Marketing, and Destroyification

This picture, on the other hand, is so funny that I'll let you make up your own joke about it. Interestingly enough, Holly's job mostly involves convincing other people to support us and come to the event. No points for guessing her favorite method of persuasion.


Tracy Whelen- Results Manager, Packets

With a smile like that, aren't you glad she gets to choose whose name goes where on the results list? When not contra dancing or acting, Tracy spends her time orienteering and being otherwise clever. Fittingly, she is also coordinating meet information packets.

 Alison Campbell - Awards and T-Shirts

Alison is sad because she lives on the wrong coast. All those A meets and rankings opportunities mean nothing when you feel alone. She does her part, though, by requisitioning promotional and award items.

Lance Miller- Sponsorship, Refreshments

Lance apparently spends all of his time outdoors. He does not believe in TV's, movies, or even books. He is, however, a firm believer in food.

Drew Inglis - Waste Receptacle Coordination, Advertising, Ice Cream.

According to Facebook, Drew enjoys playing guitar, using computers, running, and being awesome. He fails to mention his love for ridiculous wigs. As befits an individual of his nature and odor, he has been placed in charge of acquiring portable toilets. That said, we're not sure why, but he's on the advertising team and also coordinating Saturday night's ice cream.

 Ryan Breseman - Finish Chief and Webmaster

This wonderfully talented individual has graced the NWFF team with his abilities as a finish chief. They have also placed him in the position of webmaster, which was probably a mistake on their parts.