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Mission Statement: "To gain experience and promote general meet-running knowledge among juniors, and at the same time to create a ranking-points opportunity in the Northwest." ~Kelsey Breseman, Meet Director

Welcome to the homepage of the Northwest Forest Frenzy. This is the first A Meet to be produced primarily by Junior Orienteers involving juniors from across the United States.

After the 2007 Interscholastic Championships, Matej Urban (COC) planted the idea to form a group of Juniors to begin their work towards hosting more meets as they grow from junior orienteers and begin to involve themselves more and more in the orienteering community. Led by Matej Urban (COC), Kelsey Breseman (COC), and Alison Campbell (DVOA) and many other juniors, including Tori Borish (COC), Catherine Olsson (COC), and Holly Kuestner (COC), the group began to organize and plan, aided by Mike Schuh (COC). On April 12th, 2007, the Cascade Orienteering Club board gave preliminary approval to the event, and became a USOF sanctioned event by July 18, 2007.

This orienteering event serves a dual purpose: primarily to set up and run a well-organized A-meet for the benefit and ranking points of all, and secondarily to provide experience and training for the next generation of United States orienteers.

As this event is, in part, a learning experience for the junior orienteers, adults from various clubs will be helping as guides and mentors along the way. By working with the teens, many adults give up their opportunities of running at the event, but it seems well worth it to see that the future of orienteering is in good hands for the next generation. The junior organizers would like to take this space to acknowledge all of the adult mentors who are aiding in this process and to thank them for helping to make this meet the smoothest it can be for the enjoyment of the competitors.

The event is being run by the juniors, but is being officially hosted by the Cascade Orienteering Club. The meet will take place on the weekend of August 1-3, 2008 on the Cle Elum Ridge map in eastern Washington.

"I hope to see the Northwest Forest Frenzy live on after 2008. It would be wonderful to see this event take root and be held each year [or every other year] in Washington, Idaho, or Oregon. It would provide a wonderful orienteering experience in the Northwest." ~Matej Urban, Course Designer

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