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Working Papers

Shrouded Transaction Costs (with Hélène Bourguignon and Jean Tirole) - R&R at the Quarterly Journal of Economics

Differential Taxation and Occupational Choice (with Jean-Marie Lozachmeur and  Alessandro PavanR&R at the Review of Economic Studies    

Many-to-Many Matching and Price Discrimination (with Alessandro Pavan) - R&R at Theoretical Economics


Work in progress - drafts coming soon
Vertical Contracting and Platform Differentiation (with Michael Riordan)

Published Papers

Optimal Auction Design in Two-Sided Markets - Rand Journal of Economics, Vol. 45 (2014), pp. 248-272.
Bayes-Nash Equilibria of the Generalized Second-Price Auction (with Kane Sweeney) - Games and Economic Behavior, Vol. 86 (2014), pp. 421-437.