Lightboards of the World

Improved the Lightboard? Please let me know (  If you create a build-log you are able to share, or come up with innovative techniques of use, send me a sample if possible: I'll link to it from this page, for the benefit of others.

Essays, blogs, etc

Lightboard in support of hands-on class format

(start at 1:20 about lightboard specifically)

Independently developed lightboards:
  • Michael Peshkin's "open source hardware" lightboard is described here. It includes a few tricks: optical reversal, powerpoint overlay, and a live-monitor with reflection cancellation. You can sample videos for my Electronics Design class.

Lightboards have been or are being built at numerous universities and online education companies. Ones I know of are:

Michael Peshkin,
Mar 4, 2015, 12:27 PM