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7. Parts list


Typical Bill of Materials

The total cost is about $10K, for a studio including lightboard, video equipment, and sound and lighting equipment.  It's certainly possible to economize.
 PPG Starphire architectural glass, $1500
10.0mm thick, 4x8 foot sheet, heat-tempered.
4x8 is full blackboard size. Your choice if you want to use a smaller size. This low-iron glass is the only material I have found which is transparent enough for light from the edge to reach the center of the board (passing through 2 feet of glass. See the FAQ)

Talk to your glass supplier about the necessity of obtaining glass that is not marred in the tempering process. This has been a commonly reported problem.


Steel frame, bolted, 4x8 or 4x6 foot, $750

Designed & shipped to you by; some assembly required.

See New Revolution Tools to order.

Quantity 1 (or see below)

Aluminum frame of 80/20, $1188

As designed by David Long, FVCC.

As designed by Charles Barbour, Notre Dame


LEDwholesalers Waterproof LED Driver Transformer 60 Watt 12V with 3-prong Plug, 3204
$25 Quantity 1 or 2, depending on which LED strip

TEKTON 4027 Heavy-Duty C-Clamp, 6-Inch

Quantity 2

Kapton Polyimide Tape with Silicone Adhesive, .001" Thick x 1/2" x 36 Yards Long, Amber, 1 Roll

Quantity 1

Hitlights 12v LUMA20 LED light strips - 10 feet - Cool White
12V, 3W/foot, 384 lumens/foot

Quantity 2 reels (or see below)

This requires 12V 4A for the whole reel (16 feet).  Adequately bright.
Industrial Ultra Bright™ LED Strip Light - 16 feet - Bright White
12V, 9W/foot, 874 lumens/foot

Quantity 1 reel (or see above)

This requires 12V 6A for each 8 feet, and the strip must have heatsinking.   Very bright.

2440mm, 80-20 Part 45-4545, 45mmx45mm extrusion

Quantity 2 

(required for heatsinking if you use the hotter LEDs)


Hoya 58mm Linear Polarizer Filter - B58PLGB

Quantity 1

Linear polarizer for the 50" LCD monitor shown below; if you use another monitor you may need a CPL polarizer instead.

Prism Backdrops 10X20' Black Muslin Photo Video Backdrop Background

Quantity 1

Used behind the board; black paint is not black enough.


Blackmagic Design ATEM Television Studio Production Switcher

Quantity 1


ASUS VS228H-P 22-Inch Full-HD 5ms LED-Lit LCD Monitor (or any monitor)

Quantity 1


Samsung ATIV Book 6 15.6-Inch Full HD Touchscreen Laptop (Mineral Ash Black)  (Or any fast laptop.)

Quantity 1

Note: Recently we've switched to a Mac mini, which seems to run the ATEM software more stably.

Netgear WNDR4000 N750 Dual Band Gigabit Wireless Router

Quantity 1
(Or any router.)

Sun Blaze T5-48 - 4 ft. - 8 Lamp - F54T5-HO - Fluorescent Grow Light Fixture 54W bulbs 
40000 lumens per fixtire

Quantity 2

These are for key and fill light through the board; typically you use half the light on one side (fill) by turning off half the tubes.

Sun Blaze T5 VHO 44 - 4 ft. - 4 Lamp - F95T5-VHO - Fluorescent Grow Light Fixture 95W bulbs

28800 lumens per fixture

Quantity 2

These are for backlight. I mounted them flush against the back wall, and added mylar reflectors above them.
Limo studio Photo Studio Lighting Softbox Video Light Kit and Carry Case with TWO 16x24-Inches Softboxes and 8pcs 45W 6500k Bulbs, AGG847
$99 Quantity 1 set
More light from the left and right sides. Not essential.

Toshiba 50L1350U 50-Inch 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV

Quantity 1 or 2

This monitor happens to be linearly polarized. Note: I bought two of these, and after a couple years the power supplies failed on both units.  So I'd suggest buying some other TV.  It's not necessary that it be linearly polarized.  Buy a CPL filter for your camera, and you will be able to erase the refection of any TV, no matter its polarization.


50 foot Black BJC HD SDI cable, BNC to BNC

Quantity 1

Connects camera to switcher; HD-SDI signals make long runs more reliably than HDMI signals.


Aurum Ultra Series High-Speed HDMI Cable (25 Feet)

Quantity 2

Glass First Surface Mirror

Thickness: 1.9mm, Height: 4 inches, Width: 6 inches.

Use the surface that is protected by blue plastic, which you pull off.  You don't need a mirror if you use a camera that has "scan reverse", as some of the ones below do.

Quantity 1

Canon XF-105 Professional Camcorder


Possibly overkill, but this is a very nice camera. Being pro, it has full manual settings and doesn't forget them.

This camera has a "scan reverse" (mirroring) function built in, allowing you to skip the physical mirror.
Canon VIXIA M50 HF Camcorder


This camera can be set to manual mode.  It does NOT have a scan-reverse (mirroring) feature built in, so you will need a mirror or a scan-reverse appliance. It will remember its manual settings, but adjusting the manual features is not as convenient as the others.

Canon VIXIA HF G20 Camcorder


You can use this as the main camera if you prefer; see the text.

This camera (and the G10, G30, G40) have a "scan reverse" (mirroring) function built in, allowing you to skip the physical mirror.


Sennheiser XS Wireless microphone and receiver SEN-XSW12A

Quantity 1 or 2

These have a squelch control. (A similar Audio Technica model, lacking a squelch control, causes occasional clicks and pops)


Skater Dolly Ball Head Photo Ball Head Tripod Grip Action Ball Head

Quantity 1


Expo Neon Bullet Tip Dry Erase Markers, 5 Colored Markers


Nice to write with, but squeaky



Liquid Chalk (Paper & Twine brand)


These don't squeak, but you have to diligently keep the tip saturated.
DECIMATOR MD-HX Miniature HDMI/SDI Cross Converter


Includes a left-right reverse (scan reverse) feature, allowing any DSLR camera or video camera to be used, without needing a mirror.
  Glass panel standoffs

Eggcrate foam

Sound absorbing foam behind backdrop, for instance


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