We like to explore disused railway lines. We organise walks throughout North East England, for people of varying ages and abilities, usually on disused railways, although we also explore the high fells, rivers, the coastline etc. We are not a high-powered hiking club concerned mainly with clocking up the miles. We are more interested in finding what remains of our industrial heritage, in good company, ideally with a pleasant picnic stop for lunch. If this sounds like the sort of thing that interests you, we would be very pleased to hear from you

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NRWS party on their short walk and pub lunch at Elsdon on a Saturday in August 2019 - Photo supplied by Dave Turpin
NRWS party at Rothley Crags on an extremely hot and humid day in August 2019 - Photo supplied by Dave Turpin
NRWS party on their St Oswald's Way Walk July 2019 - Photo supplied by Bob Preston
NRWS party on their Bishop Auckland Day Out, June 2019 - Photo supplied by Dave Turpin
NRWS party on their Warkworth Walk, May 2019 - Photos by Bob Preston

Anyone who has walked on a disused railway line will know that it is an amazing experience. It combines the delights of a country walk with the fascination of discovering relics from the rich railway heritage of the north east. Cuttings and embankments now provide ideal habitats for many species of flora and fauna, some now rare, while disused stations, tunnels and viaducts stand silent witness on the abandoned tracks which still thread their way through the impressive landscape.

Our society was formed in 1986 to encourage the preservation of these derelict railway lines in their original condition for a number of reasons. As an ecological corridor, a facility for recreation, Society walking and public access as appropriate. By joining us, you can help us. What can the Northumberland Railway Walks Society offer in return?

Our aims are:

·  To discover, explore and document disused railway lines and waggonways in the northern region.

·  To encourage interest in the walking and conservation of such lines.

·  To work with landowners for access rights for the Society to lines at present in private ownership.

·  To encourage the conservation of former trackbeds to suitable railpaths.

·  To disseminate up-to-date information through Society newsletters

 Join us now and enjoy walking the length and breadth of Northumbria. Help us to show the scope which abounds for railway heritage and demonstrate that a demand now exists this type of amenity. Come along, young or old, you will be made to feel more than welcome.

If you are enquiring about membership as a result of seeing this page, please let us know, so we can get some idea how successful it is.