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Recent Teacher Reviews of Courses

Spring Session 2016

Formative Assessment Course:

I truly enjoyed this class. It is everything I thought I wanted to learn. It clarified for me my understanding of formative assessments and supported my understanding. I would love it if we could create an on-line resource for the Northern Virginia area for all educators.

Google Apps:
I love to learn through ""playing around."" This class let me explore the apps and learn technology by my favorite method!

I was not familiar with Google Apps or Google Classroom until taking this course. I was able to immediately put the information into practice.

Our instructor made himself accessible to students and was thoughtful and encouraging in his feedback to students. I appreciate that he paced the introduction of each app in such a way that allowed us time to experiment and practice them before moving on to the next app.


Spring Session 2015

Have GPS will Travel:

I valued everything in this class. I loved all the great ideas given by the classmates and the instructed was available if there were questions. I had never considered the GPS as an educational tool for learning. Now I know!


Map It! Critical Thinking through GIS Data:

I really enjoyed the facilitator's you tube videos and excellent written instructions! She was very encouraging and positive:-) Wow, GIS data is everywhere and can be used by every teacher, including us at elementary. Social Studies will never be the same.


Technology to Support the Struggling Elementary Mathematics Student

With a district as large as mine is becoming, I think more online classes with many content related coursed should be offered on a continual basis so teachers can try new ideas, reference new resources and earn staff development points, worthy of actual classroom use, well ahead of their license renewal. In this class, the websites and tools explored could actually be used in class the moment after finding them.


Teaching Students to Navigate the Digital World Safely

I will say again. This course should be required for all teachers and administrators. I wish these courses were better advertised. As far as I know, I am one of two people in my building to try one.  I will spread the word!


Google Apps in the Classroom – Advanced

This was truly an advanced Google Apps course. I've been using Google Apps for the past six years for both my own education and with students, so I was concerned that I might not actually learn anything new. I was wrong; I learned a lot of new useful applications in this class.

New course fees for 2017-2018

15 hours $30 – non-member: $75
30 hours $55 – non-member: $100
45 hours $80 – non-member: $125

Graduate Credit Fees

2 credits $160 – non-member: $200
1 Credit $95 – non-member: $120

Asynchronous courses-complete the coursework at your convenience during the week.

Graduate Credit available through Colorado State University

Course Information

· Course instructions, including where and how to log in, are e-mailed to you when the course begins. You will receive reminder emails as you approach the start date of the course.

· Courses are 30 hours of work and earn either 30 hours towards re-certification or optionally 2 graduate credits. (Note: For Fairfax County employees, 30 hours is equivalent to 1 Fairfax County Academy credit)

· Fees are due before the course begins.  North TIER does not charge fees to those that drop before the end of registration. We offer 90% refund for those dropping during the drop period, which is from the end of registration until 7 days after initial notification from your instructor.  There is no refund after the drop period.

· Participants do not need to be online at a certain time of the day, nor a set time each week.  During the first day of the online course week, the instructor will post an assignment on the Learning System system.  Class participants must log in at points during the course week, complete the readings, activities, watch videos, create products, and participate in the discussion board. 

· Participants can expect to spend at least 4-6 hours each week completing class activities.

· Graduate credit requires completion of all work and discussion, plus an additional graduate-level reflection paper. Credit for Graduate Credit will require a Colorado State University transcript.  Graduate credit fees will be increasing this fall.

Note: North TIER requests that participants share their knowledge and participate in surveys.  All sessions take place online. All projects are due on or before the final date of the course.  For more information contact admin@northtier.org