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Recent Teacher Reviews of Courses

This was my first North Tier course and was not sure what to expect, but it was very easy to follow and expectations were clearly communicated. I've realized that I do need to shift from the traditional method of teaching, to something that is more relatable to students. 

Universal Design for Learning
Great workshop!!! I received a lot of useful techniques to maximize learning for all my students.

Google Apps - Basic Part 1
This will make teacher collaboration so much more productive. I am someone who feeds off of others. i really believe we are better together.   I think this would make for excellent online Socratic seminars. students who have great ideas to share, but are reticent to speak up in class, will much more willingly make connections with class members online.   This class has really opened up a lot of doors. I'm very excited to get started.


Course fees for 2018-2019

15 hours $30 – non-member: $55
30 hours $55 – non-member: $100

Graduate Credit Fees (Additional)

2 credits $160 – non-member: $200
1 Credit $100 – non-member: $145

Asynchronous courses-complete the coursework at your convenience during the week.

Graduate Credit available through Colorado State University

Course Information

· Course instructions, including where and how to log in, are e-mailed to you when the course begins. You will receive reminder emails as you approach the start date of the course.

· Courses are 30 hours of work and earn either 30 hours towards re-certification or optionally 2 graduate credits. (Note: For Fairfax County employees, 30 hours is equivalent to 1 Fairfax County Academy credit)

· Course fees are due before the course begins.  North TIER does not charge fees to those that drop before the end of registration. We offer 90% refund for those dropping during the drop period, which is from the end of registration until 7 days after initial notification from your instructor.  There is no refund after the drop period.

· Participants do not need to be online at a certain time of the day, nor a set time each week.  During the first day of the online course week, the instructor will post an assignment on the Learning System system.  Class participants must log in at points during the course week, complete the readings, activities, watch videos, create products, and participate in the discussion board. 

· Participants can expect to spend at least 4-6 hours each week completing class activities.

· Graduate credit requires completion of all work and discussion, plus an additional graduate-level reflection paper. Credit for Graduate Credit will require a Colorado State University transcript.  Graduate credit fees will be increasing this fall.

Note: North TIER requests that participants share their knowledge and participate in surveys.  All sessions take place online. All projects are due on or before the final date of the course.  For more information contact admin@northtier.org

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