The Peoples Demands

the eight principles of the movmement 


 1) A National Struggle to unify the North Star Region (which includes Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan)

    Because we believe that the United States is a voluntary union and the US constitution protects states rights we demand the creation of a new sovereign republic to be formed based upon the shared culture of the region and our desire for freedom from outside oppression and influence. To facilitate the liberation of the people and the land we must organize on the basis of socialism, liberty, charity, and respect for our fellow citizens and humanity at large. To truly become liberated we must seek economic, political, and social independence with an emphasis on democracy and equality.

     We believe that motivation based upon respect and human need will never replace motivations based upon ruthlessness and profiteering unless we have genuine democracy in workplaces, the state, the schools, churches, and neighborhoods. This movement must look to pragmatism not the words or tales of events passed, the movement must be infinitely creative, totally patient, and extraordinarily adaptable to achieve liberation for the nation.  

         Participation in the movement for liberation should be dependant solely on merit, not political affiliation, not race, nor creed, as well as any other factors that do not take into account either the desire to see a land free from the oppression of our federal commitments or adherence to these 8 principles. The primary concern of the movement is to utilize state power for the benefit of our fellow citizens.  national liberation and soverignty is not  the end  result, but a means to acomplishing the end: communism.

2) Political Unity

                The popular movement must build a common front against repressive forces. This front is composed of labor, small business, as well as progressive and liberty minded groups in the interests of self-determination and unity. This must encompass all ethnic groups, all races, all peoples of color, all religious affiliations, all nations, and all of humanity that adheres to these 8 principles.

3) Exploitation as our sole enemy

    The enemy of this movement is the repressive forces of exploitation, we must strive to remove the undue influence over our defense, health, resources, and sovereignty from the minority of robber barons that control the economic means of production and stealthily grow wealthy utilizing the sacrifices of the majority. These robber barons consciously drive down wages, institute massive lay-offs, and out-source jobs to increase an already vast profit margin. There can be no true democracy until the influence of these insatiable pirates is regulated.

      We live in a time when the majority of world governments are merely components of a global market that reduces the value of human life to net gains and losses. To liberate ourselves from the forces of exploitation we seek to build local self-sufficient industry to provide for the basic needs of our people, we must accomplish this through the strengthening of local allied forces, both labor and small business. The system of global trade is a system of inherent inequality and violence that divides people against one another in order to increase profit while also placing an increasing percentage of the population into poverty conditions.

    We must reject single issued causes such as Gay Rights movements, the Environmental movements, and Pro-Choice movements, which do not seek to end the system of global capitalism and globalization merely to reform aspects of it to suit their demands. There can be no justice for homosexuals, for nature, for women while the global system of exploitation is in place. We must not merely treat the symptoms without curing the disease; we must smash the offending society entirely if we are to create lasting and meaningful changes.

4) The Movement must be organized for total war

                The cause is under constant threat from reactionaries and the forces of the ruling class, thus the movement must be ever vigilant and prepared for total class warfare. Everywhere there are enemies, among the working classes as well as the elites, and we must take extreme measures to guard ourselves from their devices. We must organize ourselves for conflicts both ideological and actual. As students of history we must realize that our enemies within the elite classes will take bloody and repressive action to all challenges to their monopoly over state power. The enemies are organized thus we must be equally organized.

                The movement must embrace physical activity as it embraces intellectual activity, we must embrace the physical tools and weapons of revolution as readily as we embrace its rhetorical weapons. Our structure must embody these principles to achieve military efficiency and pinpoint response to the threats facing socialism in our modern world. This means that we must be in a state of constant training both physically and ideologically, we must hike through the forests of the concrete with book in hand, we must concentrate our strength as well as our minds to this task.

                As all great revolutionary leaders and movements have taught us, we must be prepared to use any and all means necessary to achieve the goals of socialism and national liberation.

5) Democratic Centralism

                To maintain our movement against our enemies both from within and from without we adhere to the great Leninist platform of Democratic Centralism, the freedom to debate and discuss elements of our struggle and pursue the policies agreed upon with unity of action.

6) Electoral Warfare

                Elections and electoral politics, although thoroughly corrupted and controlled by elites and powerbrokers, will always be a focus of our great struggle. We must seek to undermine and disrupt popular conceptions of electoral politics and reveal the ugly truth of the process to the people of the world. To accomplish this we must support no candidates but those socialists and liberty-minded individuals who represent the principles of the movement.

7) Concentration of a Socialist Majority

                In nearly every district and community within the United States socialists and liberty minded individuals occupy less then a majority percentage of the population thus limiting their collective power. The movement demands that socialists of all tendencies converge on a target region of the North Star territory, establish residency, and begin the work of seizing control of the government through legitimate electoral means. Despite small numbers of socialists and supporters throughout the USA when concentrated the movement will have the required collective mass to influence local politics provided a migration of no less then 20,000. The Political Realities of Concentration

8) The creation of a Revolutionary Vanguard Party

                Our movement must develop and fashion our own political party to fight for our interests in the political realm, to expand on our base of support, and broaden our leadership. We must build a new national party for the region that will sever our ties with the corruption of faraway leadership and seize state power to the benefit of all.