Principles of the Movement 

Our Principles:

1)      Do not take from the proliteriat without fair payment for services rendered, if payment or collateral cannot be obtained an IOU is to be issued, everything borrowed must be returned.

2)       We are internationalists. We do not disrespect cultures and languages, but we must also challenge the concepts of culture and always seek to foster the inherent socialist culture of the region beyond all others.

3)       at all times and moments we must constantly strive for the liberation of the world, in the food we eat,  the places we work, and the people we meet.

4)       Win through action, win through argument, and always execute with boldness.

5)       Always speak your mind and opinions, rely on democratic centralism to preserve unity

6)       Do not discuss internal information concerning the movement outside the movement

7)       Practice self-criticism

8)  Be organized and concentrated at your strongest points, plan your actions in advance and plan them to completion

9)  Commit to no one but the movement, control the options of opponents, and isolate enemies

10)  Always seek to remain in control of yourself and not to indulge in destructive behavior such as drunkeness or incapitation through substance abuse. We must master ourselves before we can master a society.