The Peoples Republic of the North Star 



 The Peoples Republic of the North Star is dedicated to building socialist power in the upper midwest. The Peoples Republic of the North Star is the intended socialist government of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. People living in the target areas are encouraged to share their thoughts on the creation of socialism in america within our lifetimes.

Although this group is centered in Minneapolis, intent is to form a broad international support structure for local activities and affiliated groups, we encourage all who support resistance, communism, socialism, as well as workers, engineers, farmers, educators, and others with knowledge of warfare, history, and improvised tactics, especially in urban settings, to join in posting meaningful information here for the proliferation of the peoples struggle.

"Though not in substance, yet in form, the struggle of the
proletariat with the bourgeoisie is at first a national struggle.
The proletariat of each country must, of course, first of all settle
matters with its own bourgeoisie."

-Karl Marx and Freidrich Engels

Every Communist must grasp the truth; "Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun." 

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The Peoples Demands

Principles of Unity

Suggested Texts  

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Minnesota firearms guide (pdf)

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