I always have individual grade conferences with each student seven days prior to turning in grades to the front office. During that grade conference, I will provide to student a Power School spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will include a grade for each individual assignment as well as a final grade for that quarter and/or semester. During that conference, the student and I will discuss the student's grade and performance in my class. It is important that student look at grades during this seven day period and compare grades with his or her student grade chart. If student finds a discrepancy, or if student is not fully satisfied with grade for any reason, the student is expected to come to me during this seven day period; we need to discuss it then. There will be no surprises when grades finally come out. (Please note grade conference dates on the calendar linked in navigation at right).

My policy also states that any student who is one or two points away from an "A", a "B", or a "C" will be permitted to do extra credit work to bring that grade up to its next letter grade. But, this must be taken care of during the seven day period. After I turn in grades to the front office, I will not make grade changes for any reason unless student is home bound or has reasons which are legally binding. To be fair, I must declare - No Exceptions.

Parents - You are able to access my grade book via Power School. Please contact Ms. Michele Solomon-Brown at MCHS for access code.


Point System - in Power School.

Weekly Grade Includes

1) Post on the Discussion Board by Tuesday at Midnight. 

2) Two Replies on the Discussion Board by Friday at Midnight. 

3) Class Participation Grade (No Texting in Class, No Unexcused Tardies to Class, Taking of Class Notes).

Test And Study Guide Grades will be Added to The Weekly Grade.



All students may do tutoring of your peers or accept tutoring for test preparation, depending on your grade point average in the class; you will receive extra credit points for doing this. You may also do an extra credit paper. Be sure to use the paper rubric under "academic links" of this site. (30 points max for extra credit).



If a student turns work in one day late, student will lose 50% of the point value of that assignment, on top of any other points taken off for incorrect responses in the work. If a student turns work in two days late, student will lose 100% of the point value of that assignment.

However, I will take late work at any time, without penalty, provided I have a parent conference about why the particular assignment was late. We need to meet to discuss its reason for being late and to discuss ways to prevent future work from coming in late.