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hermit crab

    Family:Hermit crabs belong to the crustacean family.
    Food:they eat almost anything such as fruit, veggies, and cereal.  Mashed bananas work best for growing crabs and strawberries work best for growing pinchers.  Also hermit crabs like to eat hermit crab food.  That is a mixture of octopus brains and raw fish. Hermit crabs can also eat nuts and meat
    Shelter: Hermit crabs live on the Pacific seashore around the tidal pools and high  tide pools.  They also live on beaches, sandy shores, in their shells, and in people's homes.
     Physcial Description: Hermit crabs have five pairs of legs that are used for different things. The first pair of legs have claws.  The claws are used for eating and climbing. The other four pairs of legs are used for walking and used to find food. 
    Things you need to know about Hermit crabs:
hermit crabs need several things to survive:

     HEAT (72' @ nighttime to 85' @ daytime)
The lid needs to retain heat and moisture as well as the climbing crab himself.

        WATER (if the crab cannot absorb water, it will dry out and die of SUFFOCATION ! !)
The water container needs to be deep enough that the crab can nearly submerse himself if it should decide to take a bath.

        HUMIDITY is included in the water section, as part of the breathing ability.  A crab can't breathe with its gills if it is dry.

          The crab requires a dry humid environment.  This means that the sand should be dry, but there should be some humidity.  This can be evaporating water from the water bowl or light spray misting of water on the sides of the habitat every day.

A pinch of food per crab is enough.  Hermit crabs are a small animal.  They will eat very little, compared to other animals that you may be used to taking care of.  Perhaps similar in amount to small aquarium fish.