North Shore Innovations

Since 1981

A Brief History of NSI

Our group dates back to 1981 when Jared and Pat started their long time friendship. We made our way through life picking up friends and sharing our enthusiasm for speed. During the 80s, we rode BMX bikes at The Pit in North Beverly. In the early 90s we rode mountain bikes. Elliot became a sponsored ProAm Downhill MTB rider. During the middle of the 1990s, we turned out attention to skateboarding and inline skating. One of our members, Brandon Waring, even getting into the 1999 X Games and is considered one of the top 100 Inline Skaters of all time.

When we finally got our licenses, we met the VW group North Eastern Creations who started our passion for VWs. Soon after we named our group East Coast Innovations (ECI). See our old website here. After a year or so we changed our name to North Shore Innovations to narrow down the area which we called our home. Our parties at "Hotel Hardenbrook" were known all over the NorthShore.

As we all grew older, many of our members moved away, many lost touch but the core members still remain. Although reduced in number, we all still make time for each other on the weekends, wrenching on our cars and partying. Even with Elliot serving in the Marines for one more year, we always have great parties when he comes back for break.

Recent Updates:

2016 - It's been fun!

July 2014 - Still alive. Updated Members page. Check out Jared's contributions to

September 2011 - Jared's Audi S6 sold

Spring 2011 - New YouTube video and a Facebook Page. Elliot back from the war.

October 2009 - added new videos to YouTube

March 2009 - Updated Members and History

April 2008 - Added new Galleries and Video Channel