Who We Are

North Shore Arts Angels Inc. is a non-profit educational foundation established in 2014 to expand the role of enhancing arts education that was established by the Arts Angels booster club.  Founded by a small group of parents in 2004, the booster club provided funds to teachers in the music, fine arts and theater departments to pay for equipment, services and program support not covered in the school district budget.  NSAA Inc. was formed to carry on that tradition and to expand opportunities directly by creating independent programs in the arts that complement and augment the district's offerings.  

Vivian Parisi - Honorary Board Chair

Claudia Ames  &  Gina Brown - Co Presidents

Tara Owens - Vice President

Maria Schwab - Secretary

Michele Manfredi - Treasurer

Amie Sanborn, Ken, Schwab, Alison Smith - Directors at Large

Lisa Viscovich - Photographer

Dalia Rodriguez, by virtue of her position as Director of Fine and Performing Arts at North Shore, is an ex-officio member of the board.  Terryl Donovan, who held the same position until her retirement in June 2015, serves as an advisor.

North Shore Arts Angels, while independent of the school district, is grateful for the support and cooperation of the North Shore Board of Education

Antoinette Labbate, president

Sara Jones, vice president

Herman Berliner, Joanna Commander, Richard Galati, David Ludmar and Marianne Russo, trustees

North Shore Arts Angels is especially thankful for the support of the administration, faculty and staff of:

Glen Head School

Glenwood Landing School

Sea Cliff School

North Shore Middle School

North Shore High School

We applaud the faculty and staff of the North Shore Department of Fine and Performing Arts and the department support provided by Sharon Morello, as well as the district technology department; the district clerical, custodial, maintenance and security staff; activity chaperones and club advisors who make our work possible.

Bylaws and Policies

North Shore Arts Angels Bylaws

North Shore Arts Angels Policy Manual

NYS Charities Bureau Registration

2017/18 Members

We rely on membership donations, fundraising events and gifts 

to support our work in the arts at North Shore. 

We are grateful to the following for contributing to our efforts this year:

The Bambino Family

The Biolsi Family

The Brandimarte Family

The Braun Family

The Breen Family

The Bross Family

The Brottenberg Family

The Butler Family

The Campbell-Lynch Family

The Channell Family

The Chen Miller Family

The Colacioppo Family

The Colby Family

The Crabb Family

The DeMaio-Dranow Family

The DeMeo Family

The Ditrano Family

The Efstathiadis Family

The Franco Family

The Friedman Family

The Genet Family

The Giacomo Family

The Gonzalez Family

The Goss Family

The Grinberg Family

The Ham Family

The Hert Family

Constanza Hess

The Horstmann

The Hunt Family

The Ilberg Family

The Kearney Family

The LeBron Family

The Lehane Family

The Leone Family

The Levin Family

The Lewis Family

Lockwood College Consulting

The Ludmar Family

The McGrath Family

The McMahon Family

The Manfredi Family

The Marchese Family

The Martone Brown Family

The Meglino Family

The Miamidian-McLellan Family

The Morra Family

The Mosco Family

 The Murphy-Esposito Family

The Nester Family

The Owens Family

The Pepper-Mandell Family

The Podaras Family

The Prestandrea Family

The Price Family

The Purcell Family

The Quinn Family

The Liam Ricco Family

The Rodriguez Cross Family

The Roth Family

The Roth Family

The Sanborn Family

The Sasso Family

The Schwab Family

The Shonik Family

The Simms Family

The Smith Family

The Sorensen Family

The Spina Family

The Swett Family

The Trotta Family

The Tzortzis-Uribe Family

The Vanchieri Family

The Varkaris Family

The Verderosa Family

The Vineis Family

The Viscovich Family

The Vizza Family

The Weseley-Jones Family

The Wilson Family

The Wolf Family

The Yadoo Family

The Yamond Family


We'd be lost without the support of volunteers who bring their enthusiasm and expertise to our endeavors.  Please join in - email us at nsartsangels@gmail.com.  

Thank you RUMORS Box Office Volunteers

Sharon Bogolubov

Stephenie Bross

Nancyu Cuite

Patricia DeMaio

Annette Lanotte 

Amy Pepper-Mandell

Susie Oswald

Karen Swett

Arlene Yamond

Thank you ROSE SALE Volunteers

Dina Ditrano


The following local businesses support us throughout the year — please thank them with your patronage:

A+ Graphics and Signs

The Brookville Delicatessen & Caterers

Chocolicious Chocolatier in Locust Valley

Citibank -  Glen Head

Dana Baron Florist

Gotham T-Shirts

Leventhal Financial Services Corp.

Printstars/Island Infographics