Arts Angels  

Begins New Year

At our June meeting, North Shore Arts Angels, the district's official arts booster club, decided to expand our Board of Directors to nine members starting in the 2017/18 school year.  Instead of having a board chair and president, we will have two co-presidents, Gina Martone Brown and Claudia Ames. Maria Schwab has agreed to continue as our secretary and Michele Manfredi as our treasurer. We leave it to the new board to elect a vice president and to work out duties to be share by the four at-large members. As always, the District Director of Fine and Performing Arts Dalia Rodriguez serves as an ex-officio member of our board. And, former Director Terryl Donovan is available for consultation.

In another change, the new expanded board will be meeting more frequently next year with meeting dates and times to be posted on the school calendar. 

Vivian and I have enjoyed serving on the board these many years and are delighted to be handing off to a new generation of arts supporters an organization that is in fine working order.  It has been a privilege to serve as boosters for the arts at North Shore. 

We wish you all the best for years to come! 

Thank you!

Vivian Parisi, board chair

Julia Brennan, president

Boost the Bass

Join our initiative to fund the purchase of the large instruments needed at all levels of orchestral and band instruction. All student musicians rely on their peers who are working to master these large instruments. The bass sounds they produce are essential to the work of all of our ensembles. But they can be prohibitively expense to rent. Help us make these essential instruments available at affordable rates for rental from the district.

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