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Did you know that North Shore Arts Angels pledges over $10,000 per year in funds to enhance the arts in our schools?  Or that our volunteers will log hundreds of hours per year in fun activities in support of the arts? 
We have a great time for a worthy cause - why not join us? 

North Shore Arts Angels, Inc.

Board of Directors


Vivian Parisi

board chair

Julia Brennan


Rick Bloom

vice president

Gina Martone Brown

vice president of booster activities

 Michele Manfredi 


Alexandra Zarb


Nina Livingston

director at large

Dalia Rodriguez

North Shore Director of Fine and Performing Arts


Boost the Bass

Large Instrument Purchase Campaign

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Colored pencil artwork by Nicole Hasbrouck
Class of 2015

Students in North Shore’s instrumental music programs are transformed by their experiences learning, practicing, rehearsing and performing year after year.  The results of their hard work are clear to parents, friends and community residents who enjoy concerts, sporting events, parades and other celebrations featuring our award-winning Viking ensembles.

That's why we launched “Boost the Bass,” a large instrument purchase campaign.  Our goal -  to raise funds to buy 70 instruments in five years to be donated to the district.  In our first year, generous donations to this campaign supported the district purchase of 5 euphoniums, 2 bass clarinets and 34 string basses for used by student in the primary and secondary school instructional programs.  

These instruments previously had been leased by the district at the going market rate and then rented to families at lower, more affordable rate.  The purchase of instruments at a deeply discounted price negotiated by the district and supported in part with funds from our Boost the Bass campaign means that the rental rate paid by families will amply cover repair and maintenance costs. And, the district will realize huge savings on lease fees.

Please support this on-going initiative with a one-time gift or recurring pledge at any level.  Your tax-deductible donation will benefit all student musicians and ensure that our Viking ensembles sound their best for years to come!

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Many thanks to all who contributed to the Summer Theater Workshop!

Thanks to you, the program was a

big success!  We are already planning for next year.  Email us if you’d like more information at

The program is sponsored by North Shore Arts Angels, Inc. a 501c3 non-profit foundation created to enhance arts education opportunities for North Shore students and deepen community connections through the arts.  Tax-deductible donations to help us fund this program can be made at or by check to North Shore Arts Angels, PO Box 41, Sea Cliff NY 11579.  For more information email or call 516 945-9910

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