Boost the Bass

Join our initiative to fund the purchase of the large instruments needed at all levels of orchestral and band instruction. All student musicians rely on their peers who are working to master these large instruments. The bass sounds they produce are essential to the work of all of our ensembles. But they can be prohibitively expense to rent. Help us make these essential instruments available at affordable rates for rental from the district.

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North Shore Arts Angels, Inc.

Board of Directors


Vivian Parisi - Honorary Board Chair

Claudia Ames & Gina Martone Brown - Co Presidents

Tara Owens - Vice President

Michele Manfredi - Treasurer

Maria Schwab - Secretary

Amie Sanborn, Ken Schwab, Alison Smith - Directors at Large

Lisa Viscovich - Photographer

Dalia Rodriguez

North Shore Director of Fine and Performing Arts

Terryl Donovan

Director Emeritus

Arts Angels is always seeking parents and community members interested in volunteering to help out at our events or joining our leadership team.  Email us at