Boost the Bass

Large Instrument Purchase Campaign

Artwork by Nicole Hasbrouck '15

Students in North Shore’s instrumental music programs are transformed by their experiences learning, practicing, rehearsing and performing year after year.  The results of their hard work are clear to parents, friends and community residents who enjoy concerts, sporting events, parades and other celebrations featuring our award-winning Viking ensembles. Large instruments that produce foundation sounds - string basses, euphoniums, tubas and others - are too costly for most families to rent or purchase.  To encourage students to take up these essential instruments, North Shore traditionally has acquired them through purchase or lease and rented them to families at affordable rates.  This program enables our music ensembles to produce the full, balanced sounds called for in most compositions, enriching the educational experiences of all student musicians.  But rising costs and tighter budgets put the program at risk. Our goal is to raise funds to buy 70 instruments for use in grades 3-12.  Donate today to keep North Shore's ensembles sounding their best! 

Our Goal

    Our goal is to raise over $150,000 to buy 70 instruments. Click on any link to learn more:

4 High School Level Tubas @ $6,660

4 Baritone Saxophones @ $5,310

7 Double Horns (French Horns) @ $2,550 [ONE DONATED]

9 Tenor Saxophones @ $2,430

21 String Basses $1,800 [COMPLETED 2015]

6 Bass Clarinets @  $1,570 [TWO PURCHASED]

3 Beginner Tenor Saxophones @ $1,570

2 Middle School Level Tubas @ $1,000

8 Euphoniums @ $795 [5 PURCHASED]

3 Full-Size Cellos @ $700

3 One-Quarter Size Cellos @ $550

We also accept direct donations of instruments in good condition.  

Please contact us for more information at

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