Advocate for the Arts

The best way to advocate for the arts in education to stay informed about arts in your child's school.  Talk to the fine arts, vocal and instrumental music teachers to learn how you can support the work they are doing in their classrooms.  Watch for arts events in the school calendar that might be of interest to your child and make plans to attend. Attend your school's parent organization's meetings to see how you can help infuse arts into after school or enrichment programs. 

Decisions about how to educate public school children derive from policies which are increasingly based on standards, which exist for arts education, too.  Visit the links on this page to learn about arts education standards.  Contact your local, state and federal representatives if you have concerns about these standards and how they are met in our schools and funded in our public budgets.

Art Links

State & Federal Representatives

Arts Education Standards

Local Action

Remember, the best action is local action.  Attend our meetings to find out 

what you can do to help enhance arts education here at North Shore.