Voucher Program

Private lessons are a wonderful gift for any music student.  It offers that one-on-one instruction that cannot be replaced.  In Rockford we have a faculty of professional musicians that the band directors have interviewed and auditioned to ensure that they will help your student grow musically.  Most lessons are once a week for a half hour.  The price is usually between $15 and $20.

At North Rockford we have an amazing program to help with the cost of private lessons.  Every middle school student taking private lessons is eligible for this program as long as they take lessons from our chosen list of private teachers.  Yes, there are many great teachers that are not on our list but we cannot verify that they are teaching what we feel to be proper technique because they have not auditioned for us.  We take your child's music education very seriously and we feel it is the duty of the band directors to personally know what each private teacher is teaching.

At every lesson, if the student is prepared and has done what the teacher has asked, they will receive a voucher for a $5 refund.  The parents keep these vouchers and at the end of the year mail all of the voucher forms to the Rockford Band Parent Organization.  At that time they will write a check to you for that amount up to $150.

We hope that this incentive will help you encourage your student to take private lessons.  They are invaluable!!