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Energy group

Carbon Cutters Project
  - part of NQTI's Climate Challenge Fund application proposals to survey personal and domestic energy use within the village and to encourage and promote energy conservation.

The Carbon Cutters programme will:
  • provide a free service comprising a home-energy audit and tailored information and advice on cavity and loft insulation, draught-proofing, double-glazing, heating controls and boiler systems.
  • work with a utility company and a certified installer to offer an insulation installation service free to householders who are eligible, and at a discounted rate to others.
  • loan, install and explain the use of portable electricity monitors.
  • provide energy-diaries which will be used to keep track of energy-use, the household's pledges to try out different energy-saving measures and the effects of these behaviour changes.provide on-going support to householders in making these changes.
  • return to those houses which are most in need of more in-depth information about energy-loss to carry out comprehensive heat loss survey including thermal imaging and an air leakage test.
In order to facilitate this programme:
  • we will work in partnership with our local ESSac who will provide the initial home energy questionnaire and subsequent advice on energy efficiency, grants and Benefit Checks.
  • two part-time energy advisors will be recruited and receive training in City and Guilds "Energy Awareness" with further training from Changeworks on how to help house-holders with energy-efficiency.
  • it will be promoted through a series of presentations and events for established local groups to encourage them to get involved and support each other as a group.

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