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Next Burnaby Pro D Day:
Monday April 25th 2016 Pro D Day 
@ Burnaby North in the Gallery 

9:00am to 12pm:  Morning session 

Keynote by Ben Acuri - "Assessment, Reporting & Grading"   Ben is a high school Chemistry/Science/AP teacher in Penticton, BC (still teaching), so his ideas/suggestions are highly practical (he uses the concepts in his own teaching practice). He was a presenter at the Sound Grading Conference in Portland, Oregon in December 2015 that some of our North Staff attended. 

Lunch and the remainder of the day: Department time – Departments are encouraged to have a group lunch and organize their own afternoon activities. Lunch and meeting off school grounds is acceptable. This may be an excellent opportunity for departments to explore off-site opportunities for subject-specific pro-d and team-building. BUT, if people are meeting off site, they must inform Dianne Carr of their location and planned activities.

Tuesday April 26th 2016 Pro D (Curriculum Implementation Pro D Day)

There will be two district sites (One at North & one at Byrne Creek) 

Please see the emails from the district planning committee regarding the keynotes and Ed Camp sessions at each location.

*** NOTE: The day after our April Pro-D day is the first District day for in-service training and development regarding the new Provincial curriculum. So, on the afternoon of our school based Pro-D, departments may, if they wish, work together on curriculum issues. But, this topic is optional! It is important to remember that the employer (Gov’t) is required to provide in-service training for new curriculum implementation, but Pro-D topics and activities are chosen at the professional discretion of teachers. 

For all information regarding PSA's, BCTF opportunities, and more please check out the link below: